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This vote is closed

The aim of this new idea is to have a vote for a Wikinews Picture of the Year 2008, in an analogy to the Picture of the Year contest on Commons. With this initiative we would like to promote photojournalism and quality images with great news value for use on Wikinews and other Wikimedia projects. This idea is not meant to compete with the vote on Commons (the rules and candidates are totally different) or criticise Commons in any way, rather it is aimed to promote more collaboration between Wikinews and Wikimedia photographers. Also see previous years' competitions.


The result of the 2008 Wikinews Picture of the year is as follows:

The winning image, taken by Lex Kolychev, as arranged for by Wikinews reporter Nick Moreau (Zanimum). Originally Captioned as: University of Cincinnati hosted Independent's Day, for independent presidential candidates to debate at. Turnout was less than expected.

Tied runner up, taken by Mila Zinkova (aka Mbz1). Originally captioned as: Mila Zinkova spent ten days near the Halema`uma`u crater capturing this and other images
Tied runner up, this image was captioned: In the 2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party, the Taipei 101 skyscraper showed the "Love Taiwan" mark during the New Year celebration fireworks. was taken by C.D.L./ChunDer Lee.


Candidate pictures have been selected from our 2008 main page selected picture archive; this means a lot of candidates you know about probably haven't been added. Any image from the Wikimedia Commons (this means, no fair use images) that relates to a news event from 2008 can be added. The creator of the work does not need to be a Wikinews Accredited reporter or even a Wikimedian. Several of these images were found on Flickr or are work of U.S. government personnel.

The aim of this vote is to find images that are both quality images (i.e., meeting the Commons:Image guidelines as much as possible) but have great news value at the same time (i.e. be directly related to current events). The latter criterion means that the images should not only illustrate the news event in question, but probably they should have also been created when the event took place (contrary to an archive picture). The candidates don't have to be Featured images on Commons (in fact, very few featured images on Commons cover news events). Please have a look below to get an idea of what we are looking for!


In order to be eligible for voting, you must meet these requirements:

  • you must create an account on the English Wikinews if you don't have one already.
  • You cannot be blocked on the English Wikinews or have a global block against your account
  • You must have at least 50 edits on an account registered before January 10, 2009 00:00 UTC on some Wikimedia project (not necessarily Wikinews)(SUL edit counter) , or alternatively have created a published article on the English Wikinews before voting.
    • If that project is not the English Wikinews, please have a Unified login account
    • If you qualify to vote by virtue of having greater than or equal to 50 edits on an account registered before the 10th on another project, you cannot be blocked on that project when you vote.

If you need any assistance following or understanding the rules, please ask on the talk page.

Even if you have multiple eligible accounts and/or different IP addresses, you can only vote once per image. It is not allowed to vote twice on one image. Voting for your own work is not allowed.

The Wikinews administrators will oversee this vote. Once two administrators have verified the results for round one, round two will launch (at the next time where it is 00:01 and the voting system for this round has been set up).

Round two will take place in the same way, with the image with the highest number of supports becoming Wikinews picture of the year 2008.

In case of a tie in round two, another round will take place between the tied images.

In rounds one and two you may vote for multiple images, but in the case we reach round three, you may only vote once in the third round.

All rounds will last seven days.

Round One[edit]

Will open for voting on January 24 and close on January 31 if supported by community consensus. All images with two supports or more will be carried through the the second round of voting. You may vote for any number of images.

Voting is now closed (as of 05:34, 1 February 2009 (UTC)). Round two will start shortly (once round 1 results are official). To see the voting list, list of candidates, and detailed results, see Wikinews:Picture of the Year 2008/round 1


See Wikinews_talk:Picture_of_the_Year_2008#Round_one_results for full details. Also see /round 1 for gallery of images and full list of votes.

  • Fifty-nine images were present for round 1. 11 survived to next round.
  • Images with 10 or more votes (leaders of the pack): D, DB, I, L, P, AL, AQ, AY [8]
  • Images with 2 or more votes (Somewhat made it, but not quite): B, C, D, E, G, I, J, L, N, P, R, T, U, X, AE, AF, AG, AK, AL, AQ, AS, AT, AV, AX, AY, AZ, BA, BB, BC, BD, DA, DB [32]
  • Images that did not make it (0-1 votes): AC, AD, AJ, AM, AR, AU, AW, DC, K, Z, A, AA, AB, AI, AN, AO, AP, DD, F, H, M, O, Q, S, V, W, Y [27]
  • Images that had 8 or more votes (actually made it): D, I, L, N, P, AF, AK, AL, AQ, AY, DB [11]
  • Results compiled by Bawolff (talk · contribs) and Chris Mann (talk · contribs)

Round Two[edit]

Once two administrators have verified the results for round one, round two will launch (at the next time where it is 00:00 and the voting system for this round has been set up).

All images with two eight supports or more from round one are carried through to this round. You may vote for any number of images. Note: Wikinews admins reserve the right to increase the number of supports needed for an image to go to round two if too many images survive round 1 after voting for round 1 closes (ideally approximately 10-15 images will make it to round 2).

Voting will close on February 28 at 0:00 UTC and the final result (or, if there is a tie, the candidates for round three) will be announced as soon as they are agreed on by two Wikinews administrators.

Voting is now closed. Please see /round 2 for full vote list.