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This page is for individuals who are not part of Wikinews to request an interview by the Wikinews community.

Here, you can make a short preliminary statement about who you are and on what topic you wish to be interviewed. Wikinews contributors will consider your request and contact you should they wish to conduct the interview.

Interview requests that have been published can be found at Published interview requests. Making a request on this page does not guarantee that you will be interviewed or that an article will be written and published.

If Wikinews contributors do not show an interest in following up on a request within a reasonable period of time, the request will be archived. In such cases, you are unlikely to receive a message to that effect.

Make a request[edit]

Clicking the link below takes you to a form where you can identify yourself and make a statement about what you wish to be interviewed about.

Your statement should focus on a single current event or phenomenon, and answer these questions: who, what, where, when, why and how about this news event. If you are "notable" in any way, you should explain how. Do put some effort into your statement. It should make clear why our readers should be interested in what you have to say. It should be detailed and specific, including dates, names, and locations.

It is very important that you read our Neutral Point of View policy before making your statement. Your request should not run foul of our NPOV policy (eg. shouting, personal attacks, etc).

Note that the request will be saved on this page below, and will be visible to all visitors to the website. Please do not place private or confidential information (your own or that of anyone else) in your request.

Fill out the form and click the Save button to create your request.

Click here to make a request.

About Heaven Sent Gaming[edit]

Your name[edit]


敬启者 (To whom it may concern),

I recently read a book called "Internet Legends - Heaven Sent Gaming". It was an interesting read, about an interesting subject, but it was still lacking. Mostly due to the fact that it was a shoddy translation from Japanese to English.

I am very interested in finding out more about Heaven Sent Gaming, they are a small-time entertainment production team from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. They have created several comics series, a few novels, and a couple web video series. They are a Christian team but, even for a Buddhist like me, their artworks are enjoyable.

If there was a verified interview with Mario and Isabel, or something, it would be very much appreciated. I found the contact email on their website, I think the "press" one would be appropriate.

感谢您阅读此信件 (Thank you for reading this correspondence)

P.S. I primarily speak Chinese, so my English may not be so good. Please accept my apologies for my poor writing.

Wikinews community discussion[edit]

I used to work the valley as a venture capitalist, I would be more than interested in carrying out an interview. I'll set up a planning page (by the end of the day), contact a few people that I can see are interested from Wikipedia (over the next few days), and I will contact Mr. Lucero and Ms. Ruiz (by the end of the week). The planning page will be at; Wikinews:Questions for interview with Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming. (talk) 15:40, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

I was I have now created a username on this website, and created a page for question suggestions. Gownirony (talk) 10:57, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

=== Your name ===john walker

  • Date request was made: 26/12/2014
  • Position: none
  • Organisation: none
  • Web: goggle
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 07760300951


Wikinews community discussion[edit]

I john walker would like to make a plea for the victims of crime my i am a victim of crime my son had been found dead in a house along with 3 other people once the police where called it became a crime seen my son had been dead for some time as rigamortis had passed one of the said people that was in the house was charged with supplying class a drugs there are very poor information from the 3 people that was in the house that night that my son was found dead the crown office and procurators and the crown council said that the witnesses statments had very much concern as to what happened that night the one person who atended court on a petition was given bail after a number of meetings with procurators they came to deside not to send this person to court knowing that they had enough evidence to prove with in resonable dought that the said person was in deed the one who was supplying class a drugs they had all been drinking that night my son got to the house about 7pm and had been drinking with 3 other people one of the said people had class a drugs with him it was bottles of methadone i had got some information from the pf that says that someone seen my son taking the methadone by him self this is not true as i had asked for the freedom of information and in the letter it states that no one seen my son take any methadone nor did anyone see it given to him it leaves me to belive that my sons drink was spiked as no one seen him take any methadone nor did anyone see it been given to him there is so much concerns with the witnesses i just cant see how this person can just walk away from this without going to court as the crown council have enough evidence to take him to court how can this be if someone breaks the law they should be charged and sent to court for the judge to give out the sentance for the crime why can this person get away with this this is not justice what is if i break the law i would go to court so why cant this person go to court there is a lot more to this case but i need someone to let the people out there know what happened that night .

Request an interview on my new Physical Review paper on particle teleportation[edit]

Yuchuan wei[edit]

  • Date request was made: 7/20/2018
  • Position: associate professor, PhD
  • Organisation: no
  • Web: no
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 319 5415081


Teleportation are common in frictions, tales and magic show, but they are not true. In quantum mechanics, physicists reported that information can teleport. This has been a big news in science and society. There are many reports on magazine ( science, nature, ...) and newspaper (Times), Radio, TV ....

Furthermore, I published new paper in Phys Rev E June 29, proposing that particles itself can teleport. This is the first paper of particle teleportation. It will become a hot topic in science and society again.

My name is Yuchuan wei, I am a Phd and associate professor of physics. If you are interested, I can help on anything related.

Yuchuan Wei

Comment on “Fractional quantum mechanics” and “Fractional Schrödinger equation”

Yuchuan Wei Phys. Rev. E 93, 066103 – Published 29 June 2016

Wikinews community discussion[edit]

Every News about celebrities.[edit]

John Paskal[edit]

  • Date request was made:sept2015
  • Position: CEO
  • Organisation:
  • Web:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number:


Wikinews community discussion[edit]

Drew C. Ryan[edit]

  • Date request was made: Sept 4, 2016
  • Position: Digital Producer, Author
  • Organisation: ColdHardDrewth Productions
  • Web: /
  • Email address: drew [at]
  • Phone number:


I have a show called Real Geek Girls and we interview geek women. That’s the short. The long is – women tend to get harassed online. There’s a lot of toxicity in the geek community. They’re questioned and tested on their "cred" and it’s a phenomenon known as the "Fake Geek Girl" myth. That inspired me, as a dude with a lot of geeky women friends to take on a project spotlighting some notable out-and-proud geek women. Goals include normalizing geekdom, showing that geeks come in ALL levels of obsession and variety, and to inspire people to be themselves.

There’s a bit of #AskHerMore in there as well which is a campaign to ask women similar questions to men and not ask things like "who made that dress you're wearing" and "how do you handle being a mother AND actress?" We ask a mixture of geeky and professional questions as well as include silly moments and quirkiness.

In a little over a year we’ve done 33 interviews with 17 more on the way by Christmas. Our website and PressKit (available upon request) tell a bit more but the show is making an impact. And it matters.

People are discovering these women that I spotlight and coming to terms with the geekiness inside of themselves through the response these women give in their interviews. Our audience is being inspired by the advice, the candor, and recounting of these women’s struggles!

Now is the time for projects and shows like this as women are fighting these public battles every day. Quick example - I recently highlighted the work of major young Feminist, Rowan Blanchard for another show and both it and my Twitter account face frequent vitriol simply for being invested in this line of work.

Wikinews community discussion[edit]