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This page is for individuals who are not part of Wikinews to request an interview by the Wikinews community. Here, you can make a short preliminary statement about who you are and on what topic you wish to be interviewed. Wikinews contributors will consider your request and contact you should they wish to conduct the interview.

Interview requests that have been published can be found at Published interview requests. Making a request on this page does not guarantee that you will be interviewed or that an article will be written and published.

If Wikinews contributors do not show an interest in following up on a request within a reasonable period of time, the request will be archived. In such cases, you are unlikely to receive a message to that effect.

Make a request[edit]

Clicking the link below takes you to a form where you can identify yourself and make a statement about what you wish to be interviewed about.

Your statement should focus on a single current event or phenomenon, and answer these questions: who, what, where, when, why and how about this news event. If you are "notable" in any way, you should explain how. Do put some effort into your statement. It should make clear why our readers should be interested in what you have to say. It should be detailed and specific, including dates, names, and locations.

It is very important that you read our Neutral Point of View policy before making your statement. Your request should not run foul of our NPOV policy (eg. shouting, personal attacks, etc).

Note that the request will be saved on this page below, and will be visible to all visitors to the website. Please do not place private or confidential information (your own or that of anyone else) in your request.

Fill out the form and click the Save button to create your request.

Click here to make a request.

Web series filming underway, Kickstarter continues[edit]

Your name[edit]


Filming for Sunshine Coast, Australia producer web series Piper and Laura got underway on Sunday. Piper and Laura is the first drama series to be produced for the PattmanSport YouTube channel. In fact it is the first drama project for the channel full stop. It follows the lives of titular characters Piper and Laura, a pair of married clothing designers.

While production continues the Kickstarter also continues. The campaign is available at the link above.

Why make this series? At the beginning of February cricket season was quickly coming to a close and rugby season approaching. It was at this point I decided that the channel needed something other what had become the norm, that I needed to do something else. Over the years of sporting coverage, which started while I was getting a degree in Journalism, I have picked up a few tips and tricks on filming, lighting, sound ... lots of little things go into making something and making it look good.

Where has this story come from? 10 years ago I had finished a Diploma in Screen and Media at my local TAFE with camerawork and screen writing being big components of the study. It was after this that I wrote about 160 pages worth of screenplay about a father in gaol finding out his youngest daughter is gay and their lives after that. That daughter is one over our main characters, Piper. I decided this was a story I wanted to revisit and tell parts of the story I haven't otherwise told.

--RockerballAustralia contribs 05:24, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Wikinews community discussion[edit]

College Class Citizen Journalism Assignment[edit]

Kyle DeSantis[edit]

  • Date request was made: 2/24/22
  • Position: Sophomore Student
  • Organisation: Ithaca College
  • Email address:


Dear All,

My name is Kyle DeSantis, and I am a sophomore Sports Media Major and Journalism/Spanish Minor at Ithaca College.

I’m currently taking a Journalism Ethics class this semester. One of my assignments is about citizen journalism. I have to interview someone about an ethical dilemma within citizen journalism and how to address it.

I found out about Wikinews by looking through a google search of Citizen Journalism websites. I believe the site can help me with my assignment, focusing on the potentiality of misinformation and solutions to minimize it.

Would anyone like to be interviewed about this topic within the next few days? Friday after 3 PM Eastern Time would work for me, but anytime besides 10-11 AM on Saturday and after 5 PM on Sunday also works.

Once again, my email is if anyone interested wants to follow up with me about this project.

Thanks, Kyle DeSantis Ithaca College Sports Media Major / Journalism and Spanish Minor ‘24