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Have you got a news story, but no time to write a full article? Are you concerned that your article might be deleted because it does not follow policy? Then leave us a requested article tip, and another Wikinewsie may create your article for you. Please make sure that you leave us reliable sources, as well as a brief description of the event. Thank you for submitting an article for us.

How to list a page here[edit]

When entering a news article, please format it properly so it is more accessible to other users. We recommend you use this link.

Alternatively, you can also use:

{{Request|description|full_story|url|title|author|pub|date|category}} (see {{Request}})


  • You need to add a good description for your story.
  • You need to add at least two sources.
  • You cannot copy and paste articles from news sources.
  • You can also write the full story here properly formatted with sources and we may create the article as is. This improves the chances of your article being created. (for example: U.S. House Ethics Committee to examine congressional press secretary vandalizing Wikipedia articles with government computer)
  • Articles should only be listed here for two days at the most and should be about a current event.
  • New requests go to the bottom of this page.
  • If you have written an article listed on this page, use {{done}}, add a link to the article using [[type in the article name here]], and sign your post using ~~~~ under the article request.
    • If you have not written an article, use {{not done}}, add a reason, and sign your post using ~~~~ under the article request.
  • Please note that after completion requests will be archived

Requested articles[edit]

wikinews is access denied in iran[edit]

November 9, 2020

about National information network:

while wikipedia is accessible, access to wikinews is denied by iranian ministry of ict:


  • "[ ]" — 

Categories: Category:Wikinews Category:Iran

911 service restored after daylong outage last week in Pennsylvania[edit]

Description A fiber cut caused an outage to 911 and telephone services last Wednesday and Thursday in some parts of Pennsylvania.



Hourlong Internet outage affects northeastern United States[edit]

January 26, 2021


Hourlong Internet outage affects northeastern United States around midday Eastern time on 01/26/2021.

Full story: Internet service was slow for multiple users across multiple Internet service providers today (01/26/2021) from 11:26 a.m. to 12:46 p.m. Eastern time.

Sources: Rachel Lerman. "Big Internet outages hit the East Coast, causing issues for Verizon, Zoom, Slack, Gmail" — The Washington Post, 01/26/2021

"AWS Service Health Dashboard" — Amazon Web Services, 01/26/2021

Jessica Rosenworcel. "" — Twitter, 01/26/2021

"Verizon is still investigating the cause of a widespread internet outage on the East Coast" — The New York Times, 01/26/2021



How the, "Flatten the curve" initiative failed?[edit]

January 29, 2021


Full story:


  • "[ ]" — 


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