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What is Wikinews Video 2.0?

  • Wikinews Video is a project designed to broadcast a weekly episode featuring an in depth coverage on one or at least 2-3 Wikinews articles. It will first run as a pilot on Windows Live and then will expand to areas like MySpace, YouTube and PodCasts.

When will Wikinews Video broadcast?

It is not known. We hope to have a full length production, or at least a decent pilot episode within a few weeks.

Where will Wikinews Video be broadcast?

That is also a mystery. there are several possibilities if we can apply for grants as those are a lot of money [USD] and never have to be repaid. We do need somone with knowledge in writing grant applications.

Who will create Wikinews Video?

  • You. The users. You create the graphics, the theme music, the stories, and whatever else you can help with. Sign up here to help on various duties.

Does Wikinews Video 2.0 have a blog?

Can I get updates VIA e-mail?

Yes. Simply subscribe to the Wikinews-I mailing list here. Whenever a major update takes place, we plan on sending an e-mail through that address.

Can I have access to this site?

  • Yes; But a reasonable way to provide the proper access codes for the users involved in the projects development etc...has not been agreed upon yet. Privacy is a must.

What is the official name of Wikinews 2.0?

  • What name? ;) There is none. That is also under discussion. We needs users to choose one.

What is the Wikinews Video 2.0 slogan?

  • There isn't one. One user did say that the music reminds him of breakfast:
  • Wikinews, the morning news you eat your toast to. -Unknown

What is the Wikinews Video 2.0 logo?

There isn't one. But there are examples of user created logos. Feel free to create your own and place it at that link for discussion :)

Why not put the promotional video on commons?

  • Well...we would have to do that in an .OGG. we would need to otherwise place it on the "web" as a video on demand.