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Archives for the Proposals section of the Water Cooler.

The current archive is Archive 18.

  • Archive 1
    Topics covered: Focus on community building, Source accreditation, Index Page Navigation, The "patrolled" feature, Tsunami Relief, Water cooler FAQ, I created a beta verson of a community portal - "the newsroom", Featured Article / Collaboration of the Week, WC/Water cooler data overflow fix., The Workspace and the Editor's tasks template, Experimental Digest, How many days worth of articles should we have on Template:Latest news?, Mainpage, How long should articles remain on Developing stories before going to Abandoned?, New short-cuts, Categories, Integrating with wikipedia, Image/Media Requests
  • Archive 2
    Topics covered: Proposal: remove Copy-edit stage, Editorial Section, New 'daily pages' system, To stop using Wiki Commons as our image source, Wire Service, Non-homepage "Latest News" rework, Wikinewsies by region/nationality, Newsletter and RSS, Categories, Publication date, Number of days on Latest news, "Categories" vs. "Search", Category region pages, Wikinews and Wikipedia Current Events, Wikinewsie listings, New days, Titles
  • Archive 3
    Topics covered: RSS feed for Wikinews articles, Homepage lead story edit link, Thematic templates, In-Depth Article proposal, Put a synopsis of a second story on the main page, Central vs. South vs. Latin America, Must the lead story have an image?, WikiNews lite
  • Archive 4
    Topics covered: Good news section, Wackynews, Wikinews:Credential verification Suggestions for beefing the page up a bit, Lottery Numbers, Sorting out Latest news, Wikinews RSS, Let's merge Writing_an_article and Reporter's_tools, and keep them at Wikinews:Workspace, Wikinews weekly, Wikinews Weekend, To make navigation easier for reader., Section for Original Reporting?, Let's scrap Deletion requests, Lets give our READERS a "Letters to the Contributors" Section  :)), Tracking Readers' Hits on Stories?
  • Archive 5
    Topics covered: Language learning and news, don't do like generalists medias: talk about famine & misery please, Wikinews: Country of the Week, A need for Wikinews Local, Link in Navigation menu, Thinking ahead on 'Latest News', Wikinews article on Wikipedia, For-pay external links icon (subscriptions), Soft news has gotta fly or Wikinews is gonna die, Wikinews Debates, Writing to Wikinews Portuguese Edition, Print Edition, Special Main Page, WikiTOONS, Lead Stories Policy
  • Archive 6
    Topics covered: User comments, News outlet survey, talk about famine misery, News on Desktop, Internet Radio Broadcast, WeatherMap, Wikinews podcast?, Categories, Proposing infoboxes, Caution flag rather than stop sign?, Slogan, Mediation Alerts Needed, Wikinews Newsrooms, Wikinews Promotion, Voice of America news, Stock Photo Usage, Hurricanes, No WikiNews on WikiNews, Suggested "Review for publication" process, Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism, RSS feeds for development process, Does jumbling matter?, Wikinews:Babel, If "Truth is always the first victim of war" aren't the statements by either side always POV (pov of the side giving the statement/report) ?, Wikinews Original Reporting Translation Network, Spread Wikinews!, Conference attendance, Wikinews:Featured articles, Requested articles, Recorded Wikinews
  • Archive 7
    Topics covered: Discuss the Audio Wikinews suggestions, Consider the source, Wikinews World Report, Standardized Scripting for Briefs and Full Reports, Retire {{source}}?, Wikinews Future Talk, Rapidly changing articles, Wikinews Editorials, Proposal: Portal: namespace, Proposal: Portal workspaces, Proposal: All major topics on frontpage, Linking to Wikinews from WP, Wikinews Hotline, Wikinews neighbourhoods, moving protection against vandals, Category: world, Write and edit articles, Programme Idea for WNN - Hiroshima 60 Documentary, Reverting of page moves to approved Portal namespace, Wikinews Future Talk 2, Accredited Wikinews Press Badges, portals, neighbourhoods etc etc, WikiNews Network
  • Archive 8
    Topics covered: Watercooler overflowing, Frontpage Wikification Proposal, International Wikinews Writing Contest, Flags, 'Evergreen' tag?, Proposal to Start Obituaries Project, Moving to GFDL, at least temporarily, Portals: the final proposal!, Family news
  • Archive 9
    Topics covered: Columns, A nice cup of tea and a sit down, Press releases, Lets steal wikipedia's {{Link FA}}, Proposal; "When administrators leave wikinews, they give up admin powers", Proposal; All future polls for new administrators must include at least 10 votes in support of the nominee in order to be successful, Administrator nomination alerts on front page, More photos on main page, The big Why, Some of us ARE being paid ?, Wikiversity Vote, Spoken Wikinews, Proposal for topic header, categorys, and full date listings all in one ! :D, Have developing stories expire, Blocking abuse remedies, Proposal: Water cooler use, Alternative Proposal
  • Archive 10
    Topics covered: Proposal for new project: Baha'i Faith news, Satire new for wackynews, A workflow proposal
  • Archive 11
    Topics covered: Get rid of Wikinews:Country of the Week, NGO Briefs, Include category and description in RSS feeds, Wikinews will have a disaster on its hands unless it comes up with a new method of archiving, Briefs - if we write them, they will come, "Local only" on main page - briefs, briefs, everywhere, Category Sorting, Not Wikipedia
  • Archive 12
    Topics covered: Accredited Reporter Template, Regional portal template, Link to Aussie Portal from Main page, Need more admins / Quick Deletion / User Speedy Deletion
  • Archive 13
    Topics covered: Webcomic Entry Proposal, New Writing Contest, IRC Chat, Wikinews merchandise, Main page redesign, Question about Wikinews and Participation in Survey on Collaborative News Models, Wikinews Welcome, Glossy Advertisements, Cease article provision for articles concerning Wikimedia, PDF email, Site notice of the week, "", Request an interview, Opinion section, User space editorial template thingy, Remove the wikinews invitation to the general public, Removal of the NotNews tag, Policy Page Edits, Have category pages show entries sortable by date, Wikinews:Contents, Spread Wikinews!, A way I could lend a hand?, Wikipedia, In the news, Google toolbar button proposal, Adding multiple searches, End of the World - prepared article, Establish a Committee for Retaining and not "turning off" contributors, International collaboration on FIFA World Cup 2006, Proposal for an injunction for Mrmiscellanious and Neutralizer, Administrator Code of Conduct, When it comes time for MrM's reconfirmation, Audio Wikinews newsbriefs, New browsing method, Template:Hello, Related stories news articles section, Remove 'disputed stories' and possibly 'stories in development' from Main Page, Calling, International contribution among editions, Standarizing Hezbollah-Israel headlines, a new Newsroom?, I need help, Getting prepared articles out of the portal space, Modular newspaper: A new format for Wikinews Print, Iraq war template, Semiprotecting certain main page templates, any fact-checkers for OR?, proposed help document: When to publish an article, proposed templates, Wikinews related story template
  • Archive 14
    Topics covered: Proposal for a Main Page design change, Wikinews:Proposed deletion, Proposed new template for scientific articles, Warnings on talk pages where there's deleted images, Infoboxes, United Nations, yet another attempt to change the wikinews stylesheet, w:en:Robert Scoble interview, anyone?, WikiBureaux, Original reporting on front page, DynamicList templates for on-going issues, Creative Commons copyright Author?, Kill the crossword?, proposed template for single-sourced articles, Breaking News, Portal:Current events on Wikipedia, Merging articles, An Idea for News: QwikWikiNews... News with Maximum Clarity and Minimum Word Count..., Yet another Main Page,, Wikinews Print Redesign, Inverted Triangle, NewbieBot, newspaper headline project, Move Sports news to Current Events, Helpme function, Top menu, Forum:Index, rename Template:Finished, Special:Random, Template:Unblock, Publish checklist, and changes to Template:Develop, Template:Ready, Competition, Wikinews Search Engine, BBC Citizen journalism video thingy, del.ici.ous, etc.?, Interview - a new namespace, Audio Wikinews Newsline, Interviews/ Poll on Climate warming, Adopt a people project, Full RSS Feeds, Photojournalism, Wikinews Ticker?, Revamp Main Page, WikiCast, IDENTITIY THEFT -- A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, Wikisari, Countries with no articles, Local Town Portal
  • Archive 15
    Topics covered: Audio Wikinews... or something like it., Full RSS Feeds, Photojournalism, Audio Wikinews... or something like it (again), Google News, WikinewsTicker, Wikipedia link, Proposed articles, Potential Cure For Cancer, E-mail, Editorials/Voices, Media links, Commons Picture of the Year 2006, Penis symbol, Virgin Train crashes in England. Wikinews ads, E-mail, part II, wikinews Video, Protection of date templates on main page, Wikinews for PDAs or Mobile Phones, Wikimedia Communication Projects Group- we need your help!, WikiCast needs Audio Wikinews Daily!, Web 2.0,Editorials,Wikimania,, Re-skinning, Wikinews:Upcoming events, Either it is original reporting... or forget it, Wikimedia's open door days, Question on Wikinews talk:Upcoming events, Planet Wikimedia, POTD, Digg/reddit/Newsvine/, Wikinews Weather, Associated Press
  • Archive 16
    Topics covered: Main page box - really needed?, Template:Topics, Wikinews - Blog, Using WikiWorld on Wikinews, Embassy, Competition, Wikinews into Google News, U.S. Politics category / template?, Wikinews e-mail, Accreditation via chapters, Public Domain articles, New-comer pondering wikinews experience, Crenra's article - Toshiba Transatlantic Challenge - Success!, Social bookmarking or just sharing in general?, Wikinews, Wikipedia, Knight Foundation, Wikinews & OTRS, Interwiki Wikipedia link in toolbox, forum system for news articles, Citation, Wikinews is gonna die unless it cuts out this NPOV nonsense, Template:Commentary, Future article updates, Portal:Football, "borrowing" ideas, Wikicast, Fundraising, Polling Templates, Wikinews Foundation, Sunday Edition, Always being last with the news, "Featured Story" on front page, Ontario Votes?, Wikinews/BBC collaboration discussion, News radio recordings, Two lead images, Making the lead article template less confusing, An "Upcoming Events" section, Relevance tool for searching/displaying news items, Adverts, Adding a poll and an article rating/comment combination extension, Google News, "Meet the editors" video, Wikinews/Wikipedia search option, "First on the scene" tag?, Exchange rates

  • Archive 17
    Topics covered: Private OR wiki, Archiving, Historic news, Wikinews:Picture of the Year, Attracting more readers + contributors: some ideas from a WN newbie, US election category duplication, When we should archive, Movies, Press releases, Book Review and Other Reviews, April Fools Day, Enable email for user talk page changes, Press pass for Accredited Reporters, Main page redesign, Proposal: Create Wikinews:Wikipedia News Bureau, Proposal: Only Accredited Reporters can conduct Original Research, Semi-protection instead of full protection?, Wikinews on television, Proposal:Wikinews stops using VOA content, Newbie restrictions, SciDev.Net on CC-2.0, Newcomer's $.02, Some ideas on reaching critical mass, 2008 Presidential candidate navbox, Category request, Wikinews on Facebook, Wikinews weekly, Radio, Proposal: Wikinews has OTRS like thing, RecentChangesCamp 2008 -- May 9-11, Palo Alto, California, Interview idea, WikipediaVision
  • Archive 18
    Topics covered: Should Wikinews split from the WMF?, Proposal: New citation templates, Default skin?, Flagged Revs, Flagged Revisions - Time to decide!, WN:JOIN US, Rename {{Ready}} to {{Review}}, Main Page, Call to Keyboards!!!, Is it necessary?, Temporary trial full-protection of the 4 Main Page Leads, Wikinews Hotline, Suggested alternative Have Your Say Templates, ReviewBot - automated changing of article templates immediately after peer review, Wikipedia discussion - Main Page leads, YouTube ad, Move the "other languages" list above the search box in the sidebar, School journalism project, Live commentary, Interview seekers, Changing vertical CountryTemplates to Horizontal, Creating a category for articles on the current economic crisis, creating a economics and business bureau, WikiVoices welcomes Wikinews, WiiNews Skin, WN:ARTICLE, Hello/Welcome revamp, US Voters go to the polls, Poster designs, Global Bots, New writing contest, Expansion, Hidden Categories, Presidential inauguration - press credentials, Wikinews: Shorts Videos, Distribution of Wikinews Print Edition, Quiz archiving, Interlanguage interview collaboration, Comments links, New approach to sources, Podcast, anyone?, Polls, Boxouts, An extension we need... (Mibbit irc), Wikinews should assume the traditional role of a newspaper, OR from previous articles template proposal, Vote for a Multilingual Wikinews!, Change "editor" group to "reviewer", Proposal to arrange a Lonnie Dupre interview, Reviewing articles, Pennsylvania infobox? (And possibly Jersey too?), Merging America into one news-section, Simplifiying Documentation on Lead Article Templates, Wikinews Accredited Reporter Identity Card (WARIC) Project, Proposal to remove the reviewer user group