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Cat people[edit]

I have in mind to rename [[:Category:People]] to Category:People by occupation, and move all Wikinewsie categories to a separate category. I've found the usefulness of that part of the category hierarchy has been hampered by the unobviousness-of-purpose of [[:Category:People]], and based on recent archeological research I understand this to be the rationale for the category. I want to straighten this out because (prompted by remarks from Blood Red Sandman) I'm designing a much-upgraded splash page for our archives, and had trouble figuring out which category ought to be the "top" of the people-oriented branch of the hierarchy.

This follows the same logic as the several categories of the form "News articles by X", each of which is an internal category meant to contain all article-categories that identify the article by X. For example, Category:News articles by country contains (or should contain) all categories that identify articles by particular country: Category:Spain, Category:India, and so on. Category:News articles by person should contain all categories that identify articles by particular person: Category:Narendra Modi, Category:Pope Francis, and so on. Similarly, [[:Category:People]] should contain all categories that identify people by occupation: Category:Actors, Category:Royalty, and so on. (Archeological evidence: here.) --Pi zero (talk) 20:08, 30 March 2016 (UTC)

Agreed That makes it seem like some news articles aren't about humans, which is really not true: even weather disasters still focus on how these phenomena effect humans. —Justin (koavf)TCM 03:01, 31 March 2016 (UTC)
Support Seems to be a good idea!
Agastya Chandrakant ⚽️ 🏆 🎾 🎬 🎤 📰 04:59, 31 March 2016 (UTC)

Done --Pi zero (talk)

Modifying the welcome template[edit]

I was thinking what if we modify the welcome template by asking the users to let us know about the topics of their interest, and encouraging them to write news articles on that topic. It can make them feel that this project is interactive and thus people would not just create an account but start contributing? Truth to be told, there are many accounts created, but only a fraction of them contribute. Comments?
PS: If approved, let's make it interactive using CSS and jquery.
Agastya Chandrakant ⚽️ 🏆 🎾 🎬 🎤 📰 16:18, 31 March 2016 (UTC)

I've imagined we might want to do something with dialog, down the road. There's also been the possibility of switching back to the old version of the welcome template, which we changed a few years ago hoping to get through to people what they're supposed to be doing. The trouble is, nobody reads the welcome messages; I actually had someone on Wikibooks once complain aggressively that we'd been so inconsiderate as to put a welcome message on their user talk page — they said it was really, really annoying, they'd contributed to a bunch of different wikimedia projects and each one had insisted on putting a welcome message on their user talk page. One gathers that they had in fact never read any of these messages, since if they had read them they'd have been aware that every project is different and goes to a lot of trouble to design a welcome message that explains what's different about that project.

Something to keep in mind about en.wn's Howdy template: It's not subst'd. There are (last time I checked) more than a million pages on en.wn that transclude that template, so if we modify it (even if the modification is just fixing a spelling error), it puts a much larger load on the servers than modifying some template that's (for example) merely used on all of our 20,000 published articles.

If we were changing the welcome template I'd also rather like to set it up so that the different between the one for registered users and the one for IPs is a parameter somewhere; right now they're two separate templates, and iirc they're not even in sync. --Pi zero (talk) 17:23, 31 March 2016 (UTC)