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Sergey Medvedev[edit]

A Russian national has been arrested by the name Sergey Medvedev, in Thailand, in possession of 100,000 bitcoin, current value nearly $1 billion American, easily the largest lump of cash ever taken in an international raid of any sort, to my knowledge. So far I can't find indication of kinship to Dmitry Medvedev. He is evidently not the son. And I have to assume no article has been written about him, since my search landed me on Dmitry's dabpage. I have never written or collaborated on an article in Wikinews, but I can copy/paste the info I have so far here, if that is appropriate. If someone wants to take that info and "wikify" it, that would probably make more sense than for me to try to learn all the nuances on the fly. Ragityman (talk) 11:43, 16 February 2018 (UTC)

Infraud is the organization, Mr. Medvedev second in command to a Mr. Bondarenko, also a Russian national. Billed as "one-stop shopping for internet criminals". —Rags
Corrected the name. Wikisource has featured a series of busts on grand jury indictment out of Las Vegas by the Justice Dept and various int'l agencies. I've been reading several of the WN "Collaboration" pages, and I now have an idea of my blunder. Sorry. I'm more of a gnome, and Wikinews doesn't seem to have much use for gnomes. —Rags
@Ragityman: Hello, thanks for bringing this up. According to [1] and [2] Sergey Medvedev was arrested on or before the 10th of February so you would have to find another event to write about which may or may not be related to Mr Sergey. Please be aware that events must be 3 or fewer days old at the time of publication, including the time it takes for the story to be reviewed, revised, re-reviewed, and published.
The time you have a recent event to write about, here are Wikinews article title rules and guidelines. Please check them and then get started:

The template for citing sources is explained here. More details: Wikinews:Writing an article. Your article will me marked as a draft, and volunteers may help you finish it if they can prior to submitting it for review. --Gryllida 10:17, 18 February 2018 (UTC)
Tnx for getting back to me. Yes, I think we'll be hearing a lot more about this, so I may give it a go. It's a bit hard for me to be quite so prompt in reacting to a story, as I barely follow the news, but it could happen. If someone else decides to follow up before I do, I won't be offended. So Sergey has been mentioned in the sources you use? When I read of the Las Vegas defendants, he wasn't on the list, so I thought immediately of a Medvedev cover-up. But it's a different prosecutor, so it may be an entirely different case, though still involving INFRAUD. The WP article is written entirely in past-tense, as if old news, but as all are "innocent til proven", I intend to propose changing that. I'm just a bit slow-moving for WIKINEWS, i think. More of a gnome, after the fact. But thanks bor the ref/cites. Cheers! Ragityman (talk) 12: 33, 19 February 2018 (UTC)
I think I will copy/paste this discussion to my WN talkpage for future reference, ss it is likely to be archived or deleted from the Water Cooler before I have need of it. That may be in the far distsnt future. If that is inappropriate, or if I run afoul of other cnventions and customs here, please let me know. A ping as above will reach me sooner than an email. Thanks. Ragityman (talk) 13:02, 19 February 2018 (UTC)

"Freshness" vs. older articles on front page[edit]

Chinese Foreign Ministry confirms arrest of bookseller Gui Minhai still appears on the front page, but with 8 February as main date. This can't be called fresh at all anymore, can it? How is this well compatible with the general policy here on "freshness"? And does it really make such a big difference whether a news event is, let's say, 3 or 4 days old when an article here is published? De Wikischim (talk) 10:24, 19 February 2018 (UTC)

Both halves of this suggest missing an important aspect of the term freshness as it applies technically on en.wn. Freshness is about the time between event and publication, which bears on the definition of news, coming at it from both the journalistic and wiki sides of our nature. We produce snapshots in time, which thus capture what things looked like at the time; which cannot be adjudicated after the fact. Thus, (a) yes, it matters when an article is published, relative to its event, and (b) "freshness", as a term-of-art on en.wn, does not apply as a concept to published articles, only to unpublished ones, thus it's misleading in a technical sense to speak of articles on the main page in terms of how "fresh" they are.

Re the underlying time-sensitivity aspect of the question about articles on the main page: In addition to other functions that are obvious even in times of high output rate, we keep at least ten articles on the main page so that a reasonably broad sample of output is visible at all times. Learning from examples is at the heart of the way wikis work (a core principle that, alas, the Foundation has failed to understand or they wouldn't be trying to foist a WYSIWYG editor on us). In times of low output we delay archiving as necessary in order to keep at least ten articles on the main page, serving as a convenient figure to afford that "reasonably broad sample"; otherwise, articles would be sent to our permanent archives after seven days. (The main page is set to display iirc up to 20 of our most recent articles; we haven't been in that range lately, but of course that's where we always want to be, with 20 articles on the main page only because there isn't room for more.) --Pi zero (talk) 12:27, 19 February 2018 (UTC)