Wikinews Interviews Australian wheelchair basketball player Caitlin de Wit

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center, BangkokWikinews interviewed Caitlin de Wit, of the Australia women's national wheelchair basketball team, known as the Gliders. The Gliders are in Bangkok, Thailand, for the Asia–Oceania Zone Wheelchair Basketball Championships, which are being held at the Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center. Wikinews caught up with her on Tuesday, before the Gliders' match against China.

Georgia Inglis at the Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center, Bangkok, during the Asia-Oceania Zone Championships
Image: Hawkeye7.

((Wikinews)) Where were you born?

Caitlin de Wit: In Cape Town in South Africa.

((WN)) When did you come to Australia?

Caitlin de Wit: When I was six.

((WN)) And then you moved to whereabouts?

Caitlin de Wit: And I grew up on the Central Coast.

((WN)) A I believe you had a horse riding accident?

Caitlin de Wit: I had a horse riding accident in Wagga.

((WN)) What sort of horse riding were you doing?

Caitlin de Wit: I was just riding with friends. We were just like out on a ride.

((WN)) And you fell off.

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah.

((WN)) And you were at uni[versity] at the time?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah, I was at uni in Wagga and that's where I had my accident. And I went obviously to hospital for a little while and rehab and then I moved back to Wagga to finish my degree.

((WN)) What was the degree in?

Caitlin de Wit: Equine studies. Horses.

((WN)) And you played sport before then?

Caitlin de Wit: I ran a little bit, and I rode horses. They were my sports. And then in my first year of uni I started soccer. That was my first team sport that I played.

((WN)) So what made you take up basketball?

Caitlin de Wit: I suppose when I lefty hospital I was a bit bored. I wanted something to do. Keep me fit and occupied. So.

((WN)) So which team did you join?

Caitlin de Wit: I just joined the local Wagga team.

((WN)) There's a local Wagga team?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah, there was. I don't know if its still there. And then I joined... and then Sarah Stewart saw me at a juniors' camp. And I joined what was then the Hills Hornets in the women's league.

((WN)) So you played with the Hills Hornets.

Caitlin de Wit: mmm hmm

((WN)) And when was that?

Caitlin de Wit: My first season was 2007.

((WN)) Did they win the championships that year?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah.

((WN)) They won for a series of years straight...

Caitlin de Wit: They won straight up until 2011. We had one win as the Flames.

((WN)) And you joined the junior Australian women's team?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah, the under 25s.

((WN)) And where did you go with them?

Caitlin de Wit: We went to Canada for the under 25 World Championships.

((WN)) When was that?

Caitlin de Wit: 2011.

((WN)) And you're still playing with the Flames in Sydney. And you played for the Gliders at the Osaka Cup?

Caitlin de Wit: Yep.

((WN)) And that was in January this year?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah. February maybe? January-February?

((WN)) And that was your first trip overseas with the senior side

Caitlin de Wit: Yes.

((WN)) And now this is therefore your second trip with the Gliders?

Caitlin de Wit: Yes.

((WN)) Been overseas much before then?

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah. Been overseas a little bit. Not with basketball.

((WN)) Being from South Africa.

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah. My family traveled a little bit as a kid, so... yeah.

((WN)) Have you played anywhere overseas with any other teams?

Caitlin de Wit: No.

((WN)) So how are you enjoying it here in Bangkok?

Caitlin de Wit: Good. It's been a really great experience.

((WN)) I keep worrying about whether they are going to blockade the airport when we need to get out of here.

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah, it should be fine.

((WN)) Okay, so enjoy it!

Caitlin de Wit: Yeah!


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