Wikinews interviews Canadian Paralympic skier Vanessa Knight

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wikinews reporter LauraHale interviews Canadian Paralympic skier Vanessa Knight

Recently, Wikinews spent time with with Canadian Paralympic skier Vanessa Knight who was at Copper Mountain, Colorado for the IPC Nor-Am Cup.

((Wikinews)) We're interviewing Vanessa Knight, who's from Canada.

Vanessa Knight: That's right!

((WN)) And what kind of skier are you?

Vanessa Knight: I am a disabled racer. I have a left arm amputation and I'm a speed skier.

((WN)) So you're one of the standing skiers.

Vanessa Knight: Yes.

((WN)) I've been asking a lot of Paralympic disability skiers, what is the craziest skier of the slope? The standing ones, the blind ones, or the mono skiers?

Vanessa Knight: Oh my God, the blind ones for sure. I couldn't imagine throwing myself down a hill without seeing anything. Especially the B1s. They have duct tape on their goggles.

((WN)) Where from Canada are you from?

Vanessa Knight: I'm from Quebec. Montreal.

((WN)) And how long have you been skiing?

Vanessa Knight: I've just entered my fourth year.

((WN)) And are you going to Sochi?

Vanessa Knight: I hope so!

((WN)) Are you going to beat... oh! Australia doesn't have any skiers for you to beat. Do you think the level of competition for women's disability skiing is high enough to give the sport a future?

Vanessa Knight: I think the level of competition is high enough, yes. But I still think we need more racers and people to get involved and really promote the sport, because, I mean, the more the merrier, right?

((WN)) Why are there so many men in skiing compared to women?

Vanessa Knight: I guess some girls are just scared and they don't want to throw themselves out there. But I'm not like that and neither are the rest of the girls here. They're not afraid to throw themselves down a hill and go fast.

((WN)) Do you think skiers are some of the craziest Paralympic athletes?

Vanessa Knight: Oh definitely.

((WN)) Is there anything you want to say about disability skiing in Canada that people in Australia or the world should know?

Vanessa Knight: Pretty much to say: It's really cold in Canada. And we love it!
Vanessa Knight at Solitude Station on Copper Mountain.
Image: Bidgee.
Vanessa Knight competing in the Super G during the second day of the 2012 IPC Nor Am Cup at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
Image: Bidgee.


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