Wikinews interviews Prince Christopher I of the Principality of Vikesland on his micronation's recent space launch

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flag of the Principality of Vikesland

A little over one month ago, a groundbreaking event in the history of micronations, entities that are unrecognized by major world governments but claim independent statehood, took place. The flag of the Principality of Vikesland, a micronation located in Manitoba, was carried into outer space. This is the first time ever that the flag of a micronation has left Planet Earth.

Wikinews was able to have the opportunity to speak with Vikesland's head of state, Prince Christopher I, about this historical achievement. He told reporter Joseph Ford exactly how he got his country's flag into space and what the future may hold for Vikesland. The interview can be read below.


Wikinews waves Left.png((Wikinews (Joseph Ford)Wikinews waves Right.png)) The Principality of Vikesland is the first known micronation to have its flag displayed in outer space. How did you go about doing this?

Prince Christopher I: I am an amateur rocket enthusiast and was researching ways we could possibly send a rocket up about 10 miles. While I was doing this research I came across the JP Aerospace website and the rest was history. Why re-invent the wheel when there is a perfectly good existing organization doing what you want to accomplish. They were very accessible and relatively inexpensive to get involved with. We simply helped sponsor the AWAY 35 mission and for that we had our flag taken to the edge of space.

Wikinews waves Left.png((Joseph FordWikinews waves Right.png)) What was the intermicronational reaction to your country's achievement?

Prince Christopher I: From what I could tell, the response was all very good. Some leaders even suggested it was a leap forward for Micronationalism in general. We were generally congratulated.

Wikinews waves Left.png((Joseph FordWikinews waves Right.png)) Will Vikesland's flag be displayed in outer space again in the near future? Is this a sign of things to come for the Vikeslandic Department of Aeronautics and Space?

Prince Christopher I: Right now, I can say that it is definitely going to be displayed again in some form or another. We are currently thinking up ideas for a pongsat (ping pong ball size satellite) to send on one of the AWAY missions. The next major mission will likely happen in fall of 2009. Ultimately we are moving towards having a manned mission to space in the distant future with one of the civilian rocket companies like Virgin Galactic.

Wikinews waves Left.png((Joseph FordWikinews waves Right.png)) Although it is a bit off topic, how are things in Vikesland? Have any major changes or events taken place since our last interview?

Prince Christopher I: Things are going well in Vikesland right now. An award winning filmmaker out of Toronto has expressed interest in doing a documentary on Vikesland. I am as well working towards a more general documentary on Micronationalism in general.
In late June we conducted our first foreign state visit to the Micronation of Molossia in Nevada. We also had a large weekend party with some 97 citizens showing up over two days at the Royal Ranchlands. I plan on posting some pictures on our website soon.

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