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Update to the community links[edit]

Under the Wikinews News subsection, we have the following links:

Via {{Wn news}}
  • Wikinews Blog
    • Propose to remove link. This is currently hidden but the website appears to have been inactive since 2009.
  • Wikinews on Flickr
    • Propose to remove link. This is an inactive Flickr group with no real discussion since 2007. The two most recent discussions are an invitation to a survey and a rambling post about... well I can’t work out what it’s about.
  • Wikimedia news
    • Propose to remove link. The Wikizine website no longer functions.
  • Wikipedia news
    • Propose to change this to:
      • {{w|WP:Wikipedia Signpost|Wikipedia Signpost}}
  • merchandise
    • This goes to an external website with no apparent Wikimedia merchandise.
    • Propose to replace it with a link to
  • Wikimedia blogs
    • Propose to remove link. Not sure how useful it is to have a link to this?

If there are no concerns raised, I will update these links in seven days time. I’m not opposed to keeping a list of them somewhere for reference purposes. I would suggest a link to but I’m not sure how active it is. --Green Giant (talk) 09:58, 30 April 2020 (UTC)

Done replaced with three links to internal news. --Green Giant (talk) 01:06, 10 May 2020 (UTC)

Help contacting BCB and a sponsor of cricket series[edit]

For the article on the gambling sponsors in the BD vs ZIM cricket series, it would be very helpful if someone could contact BCB for a comment. [1]. Also a screenshot of the website would be appreciated.(I am unsure how to upload fair-use pictures) --Notbrev (talk) 13:05, 21 July 2021 (UTC)