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Sunday, May 1, 2005

On April 30th the South Pacific island nation of Niue held its eleventh general election since achieving self-government from New Zealand in 1974. Approximately 800 voters were eligible to vote for the 20 members of the Niue Assembly – 90% of the island's citizens now live in New Zealand and were ineligible to vote.

Niue News reports that there was no campaigning. Provisional results indicate that Finance Minister Toke Talagi lost his seat by two votes, in the contest for the six common roll seats elected for the whole island, meanwhile former minister Robert Rex, Jr, came third in the poll for the village seat of Alofi South. Three of the twenty seats are expected to be won by women. Premier Young Vivian is expected to retain his position.

Provisional results (subject to confirmation and recounts)

Common roll members

Krypton Okesene 578
Terry Coe 563
O'Love Jacobsen 508
Hima Takelesi 403
Michael Jackson 378
Maihetoe Hekau 375
Mr Talagi recorded 373 votes.

Village constituencies

Alofi North;
Vaiga Tukuitoga 62
Terry Chapman 27
Thomas Barlament 18
Alofi South
Organ Viliko 66
Makamau Hekau 54
Robert Matua Rex, Jr 52
Peter Funaki 39
Ricky Makani 38
Billy Talagi *
Talaititama Talaiti *
Young Vivian*
Pokotoa Sipeli *
Kupa Magatogia 27
John Operator 18
Bill Vakaafi Motufoou 40
Nuihepeni Togakilo 19
Lilivika Muimatagi 8
Dion Taufitu 7.
Opili Talafasi *
Jack Willie Lipitoa *
Fisa Pihigia *
Tofua Puletama 22
Vivaliatama Talagi 16
* indicates that candidate was elected unopposed.