2008 Google Developer Day makes its inception in Taiwan

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Press Conference before the main conference in Taiwan.
Image: Rico Shen.

Last Saturday June 14, 2008 Google Developer Day made its first appearance in Taiwan at the Taipei International Convention Center. Approximately 1,000 developers participated in this conference.

Unlike the first two Developer Days held in China and Japan, this event focused more on demonstrations of "OpenSocial" and "Google App Engine".

Kai-fu Lee, Founding Chairman of Google China, proposed the theory on different generations and leaders on the Internet.

Li-feng Chien, Engineering Director of Google Taiwan, commented about the theory to Wikinews Journalist Rico Shen:

Cquote1.svg It's evidently a good phenomenon in Taiwan that interactions on several critical topics and incidents between Internet users was more and more active, but in opposite way, it exposed weaknesses on community awareness and agglomerations. Therefore, community awareness will be the critical factor on the Internet not only in Taiwan. Cquote2.svg


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