27 dead after consuming poisonous alcohol

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Location of Karachi, Pakistan. (Image: Mrmiscellanious)

At least 27 people in Karachi, Pakistan have died after they consumed poisonous, home-made alcohol at a private party. At least 11 more people are hospitalized, with eight of them in critical condition. Reports say that among the dead are police officers, and that at least one of the individuals responsible for brewing the alcohol has been hospitalized.

"The poisonous liquor has so far claimed 27 lives and another 11 are being treated in different hospitals," said police Deputy Inspector General Javed Bukhari, who also added that the alcohol "was supplied to all these people by the same source." At least 100 bottles of the poisonous alcohol were sold at the party.

So far, three police officers have been suspended from duty because they failed to stop the alcohol from being made and sold. At least one officer is reported to have been involved in the brewing of the alcohol.

Pakistan shifted from practicing secular policies to Sharia law 25 years ago, and as a result alcohol is not allowed to be consumed by Muslims in the country. If caught consuming or possessing alcohol, the individual could face three years in jail, or be caned. There are few stores that sell alcohol, and those that do are closed during Ramadan.

Police are investigating the incident.