30 brightly coloured mummies discovered in Egyptian necropolis

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Archaeologists have found approximately 30 beautifully preserved mummies in a 4,000 year old Egyptian necropolis which held 53 tombs.

Faiyum Oasis

Supervisor of Antiquities for Middle Egypt Dr. Abdel-Rahman El-Ayedi's team established his archaeological site in the Faiyum Oasis near the El-Lahun Egyptian pyramid which is just south of Cairo.

Besides the mummies, the team found masks, amulets, clay pots and an offering table located in a funerary chapel. The chapel dates back to about 30 BC to 337 AD.

The amazing preservation of the linen wrapped mummies revealed bright decorations and writings in bright turquoise, terracotta and gold colours which had not faded over time.

File photo of an Egyptian Mummy Mask
Image: mharrsch.

"The mission found dozens of mummies in 53 rock-hewn tombs dating to the Middle Kingdom," said Zahi Hawass. "Four of the mummies date back to the 22nd Dynasty (931 to 725 BC) and are considered some of the most beautiful mummies found."