Australian solar racing team parades at Sydney campus send-off

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Friday, September 20, 2013

eVe and IVy, front side
Image: Wikiwide.

Australian solar racing team Sunswift paraded their fifth car, eVe, on the Kensington campus of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, yesterday. They are leaving for the 2013 World Solar Challenge this weekend. Both staff and students came to the send-off event in the early afternoon.

The vehicle route led from the biomed lawn of Michael Birt Gadrens in upper Kensington Campus down the University Mall to Anzac Parade with a few stops along the way at Commerce Courtyard and Globe Lawn. The driver, as well as the passenger, alighted as six members of the team carried eVe over the stairs of University Mall.

eVe, the latest car built by the Sunswift team, was designed for the new Cruiser class of the competition, and thus meets regulations for normal roads-worthy vehicles. While its predecessor IVy weighed under 150 kg, eVe weighs approximately 300 kg, with light carbon fiber monocoque construction and 15 kWh batteries weighing only 63 kg. However, eVe has achieved a similar drag coefficient, despite different overall shape and larger frontal area.

The 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is to take place on October 6–13, 2013.

Sunswift cars of 2009 and 2013 side-by-side.
Image: Wikiwide.
eVe prepares to take part in World Solar Challenge 2013; IVy has taken part in World Solar Challenge 2009
Image: Wikiwide.
Driver inside eVe during send-off parade
Image: Wikiwide.
eVe as seen from above; during send-off parade
Image: Wikiwide.
eVe and its driver on Send-Off Parade
Image: Wikiwide.
eVe being carried over the stairs
Image: Wikiwide.
Eve in Kensington Campus of UNSW, on Send-Off Parade
Image: Wikiwide.
Map of eVe's send-off parade before Sunswift leaves for the World Solar Challenge.
Image: Wikiwide.


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