Body undiscovered for a decade found in Pichilemu, Chile

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Map showing the location of the village of Panilonco and Central Pichilemu, in Pichilemu.
Image: Diego Grez.

The body of a dead man was found by a worker in the Los Cardos farm of Panilonco, located nearby Pichilemu, Chile on Saturday. The worker immediately contacted the Pichilemu Police, according to Radio Cooperativa.

The body was hanging from a tree, tied with wire, when it was found. According to El Mercurio OnLine, the body belongs to Timoteo del Carmen Clavijo Clavijo, who disappeared in 2000 in Las Garzas, a village that was formerly included in the Pichilemu territory. Clavijo was 67 years old at that time. His body was found without his skull, according to Radio Cooperativa.

It is believed that Clavijo committed suicide. His body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service of Rancagua, where it will be investigated.