Bomb plotter gets life

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Today, in Woolwich Crown Court, Dhiren Barot was sentenced to life imprisonment having been found guilty of conspiracy to murder.

Evidence was presented that Barot had planned, among other things, to bomb prominent buildings in Britain including the Savoy Hotel, to discharge 'dirty' bombs and to destroy a tube train under the Thames with the intention of flooding the underground system.

Barot was the author of a terrorist's handbook published in Birmingham in which he upheld the IRA as an example to be followed, although he thought that their methods were a bit out of date.

Barot had planned to attack buildings in the United States before 9/11, but, it was thought, he had no prior knowledge of that attack.

In delivering the sentence, the judge, Mr Justice Butterfield, told Barot that he must serve at least 40 years before he would be considered for release.