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News briefs


Audio Wikinews transcript – 2005 08 28 – 1700 UTC

The time is 1700 hours UTC on Sunday 28th August 2005, and this is Audio Wikinews: News Briefs.

Mandatory evacuation declared in New Orleans, US
With Hurricane Katrina likely to strike the city of New Orleans, its mayor, along with the governor of Louisiana, has officially enforced a mandatory evacuation for the city. All citizens, with the exception of a few individuals essential to the operation of a handful of organizations (such as hotels, the media, etc...), should immediately leave the city and head for higher ground.

For state evacuation information, call United States telephone number 1.800.469.4828

Australian MPs demand Islamic headscarf ban in schools
Australian Members of Parliament Bronwyn Bishop and Sophie Panopoulos have called for a ban on the wearing of Islamic headscarves in Australian schools, saying it is an "iconic act of defiance." They are concerned about Muslim women failing to reveal their faces in photographic identification, and claim that this could be a security risk.

Australian Muslims have angrily disagreed, saying they should be allowed to comply with their religious doctrine.

Two arrests made in Zotob worm attack
Turkish and Moroccan authorities arrested two suspects who are believed to be the creators of the Zotob worm that took down CNN’s computer network and crippled other computers worldwide earlier this month.

The FBI traced an electronic trail that led to two men from the Middle East and North Africa. An 18-year old Moroccan, Farid Essebar, is believed to have written the worm in return for a payment from a 21-year old Turk Atilla Ekici. Both were arrested Friday and await prosecution in their respective countries.

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