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News briefs


Audio Wikinews transcript - 2005 10 15 - 0415 UTC

The time is 0415 UTC on Sunday, October 16, 2005, and this is Audio Wikinews: News Briefs.

In Iraq, the ballots for the recent Iraqi election deciding the fate of the proposed constitution are being counted. About 65%, or 10 million of 15.5 million registered voters, arrived to cast their vote. Provinces with Sunni dominance, which may vote in opposition, could have major effect on the results. A permanent government in Iraq may result in the United States's, as well as other nation's, withdrawal from Iraq.

In Denmark, Princess Mary of Denmark has given birth to a healthy boy at a Copenhagen hospital at 1:57 AM local time. The child weighed three and a half kilograms, and was 51 centimeters long. Although the name is not known yet, it is most likely Christian, as according to tradition. The child will become heir apparent when his parents ascend to the throne.

And to many people's interest, scientists have claimed that cannabinoids, psychoactive chemicals found in marijuana, has resulted in brain growth in rats. The study proved true for both a synthetic cannabinoid and a cannabinoid extracted from a plant. It is not known yet whether these studies can be applied to humans, as there are large differences between rats and humans.

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