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  1. Oil falls $1.19 on news of al-Zarqawi death -- secondary mention. — Not done
  2. UN calls on international community to increase aid for Iraqi refugees -- mentioned couple of times; including once in caption. — Done
  3. Series of explosions hit hotels in Amman -- primary subject, as in headline. — Done
  4. Jordan declares intent not to renew land lease to Israel -- protests in city. — Done
  5. Israel may free all Gaza flotilla detainees -- "Activists, from "[...] were due to travel on to Amman". — Done
  6. Bus crash kills six, injures Iraqi minister in Jordan -- mentioned thrice: destination was Amman, per the statement by officials.
  7. Plane crashes in Khartoum -- source of plane was Amman.
  8. Gunman kills and injures tourists in Jordanian capital -- incident happened in Amman. — Done
  9. Over 30 killed in a Baghdad restaurant bombing doubtful speaks of an archived article about something that happened in Amman. — Not done
  10. Seven sentenced to death for Jordanian suicide attacks -- story related to what happened in Amman. — Done
  11. Baghdad TV station shut down for showing Saddam mourners -- doubtful non primary mention " "Al-Charkiya continues to broadcast from their Dubai and Amman offices." — Not done
  12. Two children killed after eating poisonous cake in Iraq; nine others remain ill -- "All are currently receiving treatment in Amman" — Done
  13. Saddam Hussein to learn his fate in October-- doubtful just a mere mention--"Most of Hussein’s legal team is based in Amman". — Done; marginal, though
  14. Saddam Hussein 'forced' back to trial-- same as above. — Done; marginal, though
  15. Second Arab-Israeli bulldozer attack in July 2008 -- Obama spoke in Amman. — Not done

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I don't recall what we've done in the past about remote endpoints of crashed vehicles; I suspect we don't have an overall-consistant practice on that. Applies to the plane that came from Amman, the bus that was going to Amman. Otherwise, done. --Pi zero (talk) 14:03, 25 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]