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  1. Disney buys Pixar Acquisition of company
  2. Pixar Studios animator Bud Luckey dies aged 83 Obituary of an animator of Pixar, created one of the important characters (Woody)
  3. Politically concerned movie Zootopia wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film Says: Pixar's animated short Piper won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film
  4. La La Land receives record-equalling fourteen Oscar nominations; Hacksaw Ridge gets six Says Pixar's Finding Dory did not receive this nomination. Last year, Pixar's The Good Dinosaur also missed the nomination but Pixar's Inside Out, directed by Pete Docter, won the award. doubtful
  5. Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56 Obit of owner and CEO of Pixar.
  6. Cars big winner as 34th Annual Annie Awards handed out Article about Pixar's movie Cars
  7. Florida's Walt Disney World launches revamped attractions Says: At the Living Seas, Crush the sea turtle from the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo will host a new exhibit called Turtle Talk, joining smaller Nemo exhibits, a mainstay at the attraction for several months. doubtful
  8. Apple plans to sell movies on iTunes Says: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also the largest single shareholder of Disney, which now owns animation studio Pixar, however he could end up playing a wider role within the film industry if iTunes becomes the dominant online distributor. doubtful
  9. Hollywood legend Paul Newman dies of cancer age 83 voiced a rather important character in Pixar movie; says: He also voiced the part of Doc Hudson in the 2006 Pixar film Cars doubtful
  10. Annie Awards for animation Sunday; Wikinews will be there Mentions about Pixar movie Cars which was " big winner" (see #6)
  11. Animal rights activists demand British coffee chain withdraw advertising campaign Says: The demand to own clownfish as pets reportedly rocketed following the release of Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo, which featured one of the orange and white vertebrates as its main character. doubtful

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