Chilean President visits Pichilemu to inaugurate Agustín Ross Cultural Centre

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Agustín Ross Edwards Casino, in 2009.
Image: Diego Grez.
Michelle Bachelet, with the Mayor of Pichilemu, Roberto Córdova.
Image: Diego Grez.

The Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, travelled to Pichilemu to inaugurate the Cultural Centre Agustín Ross last week, in the old Ross Casino, a National Monument since 1988, and the first casino in Chile.

Bachelet passed by Cáhuil's bridge, where she and her parents regularly went on holiday to, according the documentary Pichilemu: Así éramos ayer, así somos hoy (Pichilemu: That's the way we were, that's the way we are), which will be aired by the local TV channel Canal 3 de Televisión Comunitaria de Pichilemu.

Prior to reaching Pichilemu, she participated in a foundation stone ceremony for the new Regional Hospital of Rancagua, and the inauguration of the Cahuil-Bucalemu-Boyeruca roadway; the inauguration had been delayed for almost 5 years.

At 13:50, the President arrived at Pichilemu with the Minister Sergio Bitar, where she officially inaugurated the Cultural Centre Agustín Ross. "We are proud of the things we have made and now we have to care and defend them," she said.

The Chilean President said in Santiago de Chile, on Monday, that she felt very good talking to "a very nice people like the Pichileminian."


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