Comments:Shrink-wrapped sheep survive: Researchers say 'Biobag' artificial uterus, successful on lambs, may one day be suitable for use on premature human babies

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Mental whiplash721:50, 7 May 2017

Mental whiplash

Fascinating as this is — thinking of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan books — I can honestly say it was a shock to my system, in my first reading of this, to hit the word "dissect". Shortly after the stuff about providing them with the sound of a maternal heartbeat, and their opening their eyes and growing wool.

Pi zero (talk)00:01, 29 April 2017

Honestly, I had to dig for that one. I figured anyone reading this would wonder where the sheep were now. After all, Dolly was paraded around to baa at people like a mobile cloned petting zoo for years. Well, what happened to these sheep is that they were taken apart so that their organs could be individually weighed and there's no sense glossing that over.

Ah, uterine replicators. Empress Laisa chose well.

Darkfrog24 (talk)00:18, 29 April 2017

I do approve of the digging you did into the paper; I noticed it because in several cases — including that one — it presented some challenge for reviewing, as the text that verified what you said didn't use the common English words you had used but was instead written in medicalese.

Pi zero (talk)01:58, 29 April 2017

Yet another way in which Wikinews provides an independent service.

Darkfrog24 (talk)03:05, 29 April 2017

Because they know medicalese? I guess so

PokestarFan (talk)21:50, 7 May 2017

Whenever anything as a result of a test of pregnancy stays alive, they will always just end up getting dissected. It's sad.

PokestarFan (talk)01:11, 29 April 2017

Maybe a little, but they've saved more lives than seat belts.

Darkfrog24 (talk)03:05, 29 April 2017

99% more lives.

PokestarFan (talk)21:49, 7 May 2017