Creationist who threatened biologists threatened others at university

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Young Earth Creationist who sent threatening emails and letters to

biologists at the University of Colorado at Boulder also sent threatening letters to the University chancellor G.P. Peterson as well as the vice-chancellor of undergraduate education and others.

The man who had sent the threats has been identified as Menachem "Michael" Korn, a former Orthodox Jew who converted to Messianic Judaism (no longer affiliated with either) and who now self-identifies as "Christian". Claimed excerpts of the threats were posted on The Panda's Thumb, a biology blog that focuses on "the claims of the anti-evolution movement."

Among other statements, Korn compared evolutionary biologists to child molesters and discussed killing the "enemies of Christian society" who are "terrorists against America". A spokesperson for Colorado University said that the excerpts were "consistent" with the threats but refused to confirm if they were actual excerpts. Korn had apparently distributed fliers on campus before and harassed professors but over the last few days the threats had become more extreme.