Flight recorder for fatal China Eastern flight 5735 crash found

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

B-1791 on November 18, 2015.
Image: Shadman Samee.

One of the flight data recorders from the downed China Eastern Airlines flight 5735 has been found, aviation officials announced Wednesday.

MU5735 crashed Monday in Guangxi, China, while carrying 123 passengers and nine crew members.

Mao Yanfeng of the Civil Aviation Authority of China said it yet to be determined if the damaged device is the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder. Authorities are still searching for the second recorder. There is no information on the data's integrity.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800, had a clean maintenance record. Air traffic controllers had standard communications with the plane until it went into a dive. Rescue workers have not found any survivors of the crash, which took place in a mountainous region near Wuzhou.

The United States National Transportation Safety Board has appointed a senior investigator to assist the Chinese-led investigation, as is customary in accidents involving US-built aircraft. Technical advisors from the US Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and CFM International will also take part.