Flora springing into Spring in Mid-Atlantic coastal region, USA

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Saturday, April 2, 2005 Mid-Atlantic Coastal Region,USA

These forsythia shrub bushes, a harbinger of Springtime by being among the very first bloomers as the season changes, are now approaching their fullest blaze of yellow flowering glory.

While residents of the northeast U,S, may doubt that Spring is really here judging from the recent cool, damp and rainy weather March has afforded the region, local flora are now springing forth from the winter chill. Throughout the region, outdoor life has begun to burst forth with buds on trees and shrubs alike.

Area forsythia are in full bloom. This common and sturdy shrub can be found all around the region and is used as a source for seasonal flower cuttings suitable for various floral arrangements. The dormant stems of forsythia may be cut and brought inside before they bloom, where they will later flower when placed in a vase filled with water. Once spent, the yellow pedals fall off fairly quickly, usually within a few days.

After months of wintry nakedness, Bradford pears also are entering their blooming season. In summer months while in full foliage, the trees are used as shade trees along city streets. But during spring bloom the resulting mess of dropping flower petals coupled with a spring rain can cover cars parked under such a tree with a sticky mess.

Regional rain fall accumulations for 2005 for January and February were 2 inches less than normal. That deficit was made up during March as the region was repeatedly soaked by rain. As a result, the total accumulation of rainfall for the year now is an inch above normal.

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