Full video of Tigger incident reveals different story

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

News networks quickly picked up footage of Tigger punching a guest at Walt Disney World. The Monaco family claims that the costume character hit their son in the face unprovoked. He went to the hospital that night, to get medication for "neck pain".

The full home video of Tigger punching has now surfaced on YouTube, providing a unique context to the incident.

News outlets, on the other hand, were only provided with a four second clip of the footage, which seems to have been edited to back up the Monaco family's claims.

In the full footage, edited to include commentary, the blogger transcribes the voices of Jerry Monaco Junior and Senior, as Jerry Sr. videotapes the ground.

Sr: Go for it.
Jr: Ready?
Sr: Here we go. Sorry Tig. My bad man. Aw, too much? Heh. Sorry buddy. Oh yeah, I was on your head. Sorry about that.
Adult female voice: Jerry get over here.
Sr: (unintelligible) No crowding Tigger, man.

(Tigger punches, and Jerry Jr. reacts by returning the motion.)

Sr: Jerry! Jerry!

He comments that "it sounds like Jerry [Jr.] laughs, and then his arm goes down a bit", in order to undo the zipper on the back of Tigger's costume, before his punch is thrown.

"Now the question to ask is are the father and son game players? I mean, the father says, 'oh yeah, I was on your head.'"

The blogger comments that he notices "Jerry's pretty quick to hit Tigger back on the head... I mean if Tigger's hitting him out of the blue, he's reacting pretty fast in hitting Tigger."

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