Orange County Sheriff's Office still investigating into Tigger hit

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Investigation is still underway by the Orange County Sheriff's Office into the hit Tigger unleashed on a tourist at Walt Disney World on January 6.

The status of Walt Disney World's separate investigation is unknown.

Yesterday Captain Mark Strobridge confirmed with Wikinews that the investigation was on-going. "The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case and is not prepared to provide details at this time." They are not commenting to the press on any details.

The Walt Disney Company (Canada) Ltd. has not replied to Wikinews' multiple requests for comment. The Monaco family has not talked to the press since an exclusive CBS The Early Show appearance a week ago Monday. They had originally talked to a FOX News affiliated channel.

Two Sundays prior, video broke internationally of Disney employee Michael J. Fedelem as Tigger, hitting teen Jerry Monaco Jr. in the head. The New Hampshire tourist and his father both claim the hit was unprovoked. They claimed Jerry Jr. needed medical attention and prescription medicine that night. In contrast, most Internet pundits critical of the video have suggested that the hit was relatively weak. Fedelem himself claims the swat was indeed provoked, after the Monaco Jr was pulling on his costume, trying to suffocate him.

The Teamsters Union Local 385 website appears to suggest that not all character cast members are unionized. Fedelem is known to be unionized, as he is mentioned on the website regarding a separate matter.

Hit becomes punchline

Tim MacDonald of The News and Tribune joked that, "in addition to her Majority Whip", new US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi "might want to consider hiring the DisneyWorld employee in the Tigger costume to keep her Democrats in line."

Meanwhile, a British columnist riffed on how Tigger let the boy off lightly. Brian Reade commented "most Brits feel that, simply on the grounds he's called Junior, it's a shame the guy in the Tigger costume wasn't called Charles Manson."

A columnist suggested that "Tigger does more parenting before 9 a.m. than some parents do their entire lives", in an article advocating discipline. Doug Powers continued that, "If the boy was taken to the hospital for that, Lord help him if he's ever in a pillow fight. The poor lad would be in traction for a month."


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.