Kerry hospitalized after cycling accident

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Monday, June 1, 2015

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had a cycling accident yesterday and as a result has broken his right leg. The accident happened near Scionzier, France; reportedly he may have hit a curb.

Official portrait of John Kerry, 2013.
Image: US Department of State.

Kerry was in Geneva on Saturday for talks with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Muhammad Javad Zarif, on the Iranian nuclear program. As a result of the accident Kerry has canceled his official trips, including an international conference on Islamic State (ISIS).

Kerry was taken to Geneva's HUG medical centre by helicopter and after an X-ray examination it was confirmed his right femur is fractured. John Kirby, a State Department spokesman, said "The secretary is stable and never lost consciousness, his injury is not life-threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery".

Kerry is expected to receive further treatment in Boston by a doctor there who operated on him for a previous hip injury located, Kirby said, near the current injury.