London 21 July suspect claims device was 'flour bomb'

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

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Hussain Osman, the suspect for the July 21 incident at Shepherds Bush who the UK authorities wish to extradite from Italy, claims that the device in his rucksack was merely a bag of flour with a detonator in it.

Osman escaped from Britain via the Channel Tunnel and was arrested last week in Rome. He told his Italian lawyer that he was only staging a demonstration and had no intention of killing anyone.

Osman's claim contrasts starkly with Sir Ian Blair's statement shortly after the bombings. At that time Commissioner Blair said:

"Clearly the intention must have been to kill. You don't do this with any other intention."

Osman is reported to have said:

"I am against war... I've marched in peace rallies and nobody listened to me. I never thought of killing people."