Mass protest grows against Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thousands of people, including women and children, have gathered since Sunday on the southern coast of India, to protest against the operation of the nuclear power plant of Kudankulam and the nuclear program of the government.

2009 construction on the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project
Image: Petr Pavlicek/IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency..

An official announcement stated that the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board's inspection of the reactor pressure vessel of Unit-1 was completed and enriched uranium fuel will be loaded into the first 1000-mw-reactor this month. This was the reason for the people to raise another protest since March this year.

The government ordered 4,000 policemen to monitor the surrounding area around the plant site. 300 policemen were in the village of Idinthakarai in the Tirunelveli district. Groups of people tried to block a road and a railway.

On Tuesday the BBC World News reported that a 44-year-old fishermen was killed by police while shooting to disperse the demonstrating groups.

Authorities of an English TV channel made a complaint because a cameraperson was allegedly injured during the police action.

The protests spread to different towns and villages. A group of scientists, doctors, environmentalists, environmental activists, students, and concerned citizens met yesterday in front of the Vidyasagar Statue in College Square, Kolkata to show solidarity with the demonstration around Kudankulam.