New Zealand Labour party sells pledge card

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Monday, October 16, 2006

The New Zealand Labour Party attempted to sell one of their pledge card at online auction site, TradeMe. It only fetched NZ$30. But a similar auction run by Libertarianz leader, Bernard Darnton is fetching in the upwards of $400, however the current bid (at time of writing this was) at $440,000 is probably a fake bid.

The pledge card Darnton is selling has described it as being: "Mint condition original 2005 Labour Party pledge card, nicely framed - just like the New Zealand taxpayer." He is selling it so he can raise money to take Labour to court alleging that Labour misappropriated public funds so they could pay for the pledge cards.

Labour's attempt at trying to sell their version of the pledge card is because of $768,000 they have been forced to pay back by the Auditor-General. Auditor-General, Kevin Brady ruled that $1.17 million of taxpayers' money had been spent unlawfully on electioneering.

There have been a numerous amount of questions on the Libertarianz auction, mostly humorous, including: "Do I earn FlyBuys when I use the card?" with the response: "No. Labour doesn't need to earn your loyalty. Your loyalty is demanded."

There is also a 1936 autographed book which includes the signatures from the MP's of Labour's first government, a deck of Labour party cards said to be from the 1980s or a sport jacked branded Labour, described as "old-skool style meets new-skool textile technology."

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