New Zealand National Party only wants immigrants of "bedrock values"

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Friday, July 28, 2006

The New Zealand National Party leader, Dr. Don Brash, says that they only want immigrants who accept the "bedrock values" of New Zealand society. Brash said to the Association for Migration and Investment: "New Zealand should not welcome those who want to live here but reject core aspects of the country's culture."

Dr. Brash says that the following are the "bedrock values":

  • Acceptance of democracy,
  • The rule of law,
  • Religious and personal freedom,
  • Legal equality of the sexes,
  • Speak English, or learn it quickly.

"If you don't accept these fundamentals then New Zealand isn't the place for you. Many migrants to New Zealand in recent times have come from cultures that do not share the same 'bedrock values'," said Brash.

David Cunliffe, Immigration Minister, said: "The National Party leader's comments are pejorative and insulting."