North Korea wants light-water reactors

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kim Kye-gwan, the top nuclear negotiator for North Korea told reporters during a press conference today that the country wanted "light water nuclear reactors" for shutting down their Yongbyon Nuclear Facility. The conference was held after Six-party talks with N. Korea in China ended after three days with no new developments.

"What we're discussing right now is the current nuclear plan, in other words, the Yongbyon nuclear facility stopping its operation and ultimately getting dismantled. For this to be done, a light-water reactor should be brought in," said Kye-gwan to reporters who also added that N. Korea fully intends to "sincerely implement" all steps to shutting down their nuclear program.

According to Kye-gwan, N. Korea will not disclose details of their nuclear weapons program, until it sees that there has been enough "trust" built between the country, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and all parties involved in the six-party talks.

"It's obvious what we're supposed to do, but the other parties don't seem to be ready. It's something to wait and see until confidence is established," added Kye-gwan who also said that "the talks went well, the discussions were good and the results were not bad."

A 1994 agreement between the United States and North Korea says that the country would be given two light-water reactors, if they shut down their nuclear program. That agreement ended in 2002 when North Korea was accused by the U.S. of "secretly" enriching uranium.

More talks with N. Korea are scheduled according to Chinese officials, but it is not known when those talks will take place.