Pupils in detention forced to wear orange overalls

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pupils who are given detention at a Christchurch, New Zealand high school are being forced to wear orange overalls with the words 'Work Crew' on the back.

The New Zealand Parent Teacher Association (NZPTA) have said that this is unacceptable humiliation and will make each student stand out. The vice-president of the NZPTA, Margaret Mooney described the overalls as radical. The principal of Shirley Boys' High School, John Laurenson, denied these allegations, stating that the only reason for the overalls is to keep uniforms clean. Since each pupil's punishment is the opposite of what they committed, then the uniforms need to remain clean. "The average fellow, he [sic] doesn't want to get mud or muck on his uniform."

"If a boy's seen dropping litter, he picks up litter. If he's treading all over the rose garden, he might do weeding," he said.

He added that the school has received no complaints about the overalls from students or parents, and that the system has been running for many years.