Russian journalist Viktor Pinchuk delivers 'Hobo Tourism' lecture in Simferopol, Crimea

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Russian Wikinews captured exclusive media of a September 14 talk delivered by Russian traveller and author Viktor Pinchuk on his manual Hobo Tourism, published on English and Russian Wikibooks.

Pinchuk spoke at the 2022 Literary Festival hosted by the Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library in Simferopol, which was named after I. Y. Franko. The hour-long lecture, delivered in English and Russian, addressed the advice and information given in the manual, including on overnight accommodation, self-sufficiency and Pinchuk's experience travelling.

The lecture included a question and answer session and exclusive anecdotes, such as his deportation from Fiji.

'Hobo tourism' is similar to Western-style backpacking whereby one "[forgets] about comfort and [is] prepared for a few months of [the] difficult, sometimes exhausting life of a vagrant". Pinchuk's own experiences chronicled in the book include an overnight imprisonment by Afghan authorities and contracting dengue fever whilst in Malaysia.