Singer Meat Loaf falls ill during concert

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meat Loaf in concert in New York, 2004.
Image: Mr.Mushnik.

Wikinews has learned that American rock singer Meat Loaf has taken ill during a concert in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. He told the audience that it was "the last concert of his life," and left the stage.

The incident came 70 minutes into the show on Halloween night. During the opening of Paradise by the Dashboard Light he suggested that the crowd of thousands should enjoy the performance as it was the last of his career. He attempted to sing the first line of the song, but instead said "Ladies and gentlemen, I love you, and I thank you for coming, but I can no longer continue. Good night, God bless you. I love you. Thank you for 30 years. I’m taking my coat off; I bow; and I say goodbye forever." He then left the stage, soon followed by his band.

The venue, Metro Radio Arena, have announced that the singer had a sore throat. However, they also say that fans are unlikely to be refunded the cost of their tickets, priced at between £37.50 and £45, because he had performed for over an hour.


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