Son of Indian hospital CEO commits suicide by jumping out of window

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Colaba city skyline

Miten Mehta, the son of the CEO of the Lilavati Hospital in Colaba, India, reportedly committed suicide on Wednesday after jumping from the ninth floor of the Maker Towers residence. Mehta, aged 54, was a diamond merchant based in Belgium. Police said that the incident took place sometime between 20:30 Mumbai Time (+5.5 UTC) and 21:00.

At 21:00, police received a call from the residents of the building saying that Miten had committed suicide in Maker Towers, Colaba. Police arrived at the scene and took him to the GT hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

Mehta was reportedly talking to his mother, Sushilaben, when he suddenly went to a window on the ninth floor and leapt out of it. He did not leave a suicide note.

Some sources reported that Mehta was to leave for Belgium the day he killed himself, but when he went downstairs, he had received a call, after which he cancelled his flight. He then went upstairs to his home and committed suicide. The police suggested that depression or frustration could have led to his killing himself.

Mehta's daughter, who is studying in the US, will be coming to India soon along with the Mehta's father, Vijay Mehta, who is the CEO of the Lilavati Hospital. The police said that they would record Miten's family members' statements once the final rites are performed.

The autopsy report of GT hospital stated that he had died due to severe head injuries. His body was then moved to Lilavati Hospital.