St. Edwards University, Texas evacuated due to bomb threat

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

St. Edwards University in Austin has been evacuated after a non-specific bomb threat note was found by a staff member. Students are asked not to come on campus, and classes have been cancelled until 5 PM. This is according to a public relations officer for the school and the St. Edwards web site. The message on the website reads,

St. Edward's Classes Cancelled Until 5.p.m.

Due to a non-specific bomb threat, all day classes are cancelled. Classes will resume as schedule at 5 p.m. Please check your University email and/or University Web Site for further updates.

Around noon police had completed an evacuation, secured the campus and begun searching buildings. As police completed the search of dormitory buildings, students were being allowed to return. University spokesperson, Mischelle Amador, indicated that the precautions taken were in no way related to or influenced by yesterday's Virginia Tech shootings.