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Transcript translated to English (3:09 - 3:49):
As the president I will stand up for them, I will stand up for the people, for every decent person of our country. (applause) And I promise I will try to fulfill what we need so much. I will try to humanize our politics, I will try to re-establish trust and decency, because people are frustated of disputes and such a things. As the president I will do everything to make our politics, in Slovakia, more human.
  • Wikipedia can't be used as a source. Information on Wikipedia is by its nature not trust-worthy. Wikipedia may itself cite sources that are trust-worthy, but if so, get the information directly from those sources, and cite them; while if it doesn't cite trust-worthy sources, that calls the information into question anyway.
  • Could you, please, provide the Slovak original from which this English text is translated? Not only would this be good to provide for our readers (we have a template, which I can set up for you if I have the text), but it's hard for a non-Slovak-speaking reviewer to verify what is said on the video directly against the English translation.
  • Do I understand correctly that the press conference was on Saturday?
--Pi zero (talk) 15:42, 1 April 2014 (UTC)Reply

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Review of revision 2516452 [Passed]


Sorry, I got an edit conflict. So here is my re:

  • I understand, I didn't use Wikipedia as a source, I used several Slovak articles to provide Kiska's background, including some older interviews with him. I'll look up for some English sources too; I guess there may be at least something about the acquisition in 2005. But the background isn't very important part, so no problem as it is now.
  • Slovak original of the speech (3:09 - 3:49): "Ako prezident budem stáť za nimi, budem stáť za ľuďmi, za každým slušným človekom našej krajiny. (potlesk) A sľubujem, sľubujem, že to, čo tak veľmi potrebujeme sa pokúsim naplniť. Pokúsim sa poľudštiť našu politiku. Pokúsim sa vrátiť naspäť dôveru, slušné slovo, pretože ľudia sú už znechutení z hádok a zo všetkého. Ako prezident spravím všetko preto, aby sa stala naša politika, na Slovensku, ľudskejšia."

("potlesk" means applause)

  • Freshness: Working on update info, we have some news from Kiska.
  • Press conference: Yes, it was on Saturday. Mathematically it was clear that Fico couldn't win, so the press conference started eight minutes before midnight. Moreover, Fico had press conference much earlier, at 23:31 CET, when he admitted his defeat (4th video of TA3 article).
  • Districts: You are right, I made a mistake counting results by administrative districts, not electoral districts.Results are: Kiska: 36, Fico: 13.
  • The quote: I am sorry, it was from Telegraph article (3rd paragraph).

Thank you very much for your work! --DavidStefanSK (talk) 20:39, 1 April 2014 (UTC)Reply