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This story is part of World War III; the link below shows, perhaps, how WWIII was engineered ?[edit]


Isn't this guy who has been in power 24 years, Mubarak, on our side? one of the "good guys"? If so, then why is this the"first in 24 years presidential elections with more than one candidate"? I hope the people overthrow this one more slimy dictator who's on our side (Suharto,Batista,Marcos,Pinochet,Shah of Iran,Saud club)

George Bush Sr. has 12 prime military aged grand children(7 men and 5 women). None of them are fighting for freedom; they are all lounging in Maine and Palm Beach. The link above shows how Bush Team #1 engineered WW III by giving Saddam the "green light" for attacking Kuwait; If you do not feel like reading the entire transcript, you can scroll to the section in red where the U.S. Ambassador,upon instructions from President Bush Sr., assures Saddam that the U.S. will not intervene in the Iraq/Kuwait conflict.

"We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait. we express no opinion on this issue and the issue is not associated with America."

Then, like a good papa hyena, Bush Sr. left some of his catch for his cub to finish eating. As Paul Harvey always said.."now, that's the rest of the story." Paulrevere2005 19:51, 31 July 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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"presidental" => "presidential" Van der Hoorn (talk) 14:48, 17 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Done Tempo di Valse ♪ 18:02, 20 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]