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Journalist notes[edit]

I attended this game last night with Raystorm. There was a lot of local media hype about the game on Spanish television, and the expectation was that Real Madrid would win given that they just do not lose at home and do not lose to this team.

Prior to the goal, Real Madrid had a good game going in terms of making passes and controlling possession of the ball. This was mentioned by fans near me in the stands. Following the goal, fans expressed unhappiness loudly. It looked like it was because a Real Madrid player was out of position. Anyway, Real Madrid started to lose the possession game. Atlético shut down the passing lane. This led to Atlético getting more possession. Atlético players also started falling over more. According to Raystorm and another person I talked to, two or three Atlético players have a reputation for flopping and instigating drama with the other team. 10 and 19 for Atlético were two that fell over several times. It was like they went for the ball, missed and then stayed on the ground rolling around. This slowed down the game. Real Madrid fans were shouting at Atlético players because the players were rolling around on the ground and then would miraculously get up and start to run. The shouts actually included the Spanish word for miracle and run. Most of this chanting was originating from the ultras section. Real Madrid also had problems with setting up plays. They would take a long time to set up a play, take the ball further and further back but then when they started their play going forward, a bad pass would lead to a turn over in the ball. --LauraHale (talk) 11:08, 29 September 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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