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Journalist notes


The crowd was absolutely loud and nutty when Paris was riding. There is a sizable contingent of Australians in the crowd. Just looking around from the press area, I count two big flags. (In contrast though, I count five large USA flags. The USA flags are there but the fans are not as vocal as the Aussies. The commentator during a pause between races did an Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oye Oye Oye. This was also done during the race.)

The commentator said Aussie Aussie Aussie, and the crowd responded Oi Oi Oi. this was done during the race. This is a traditional Aussie chant thing, with Aussies knowing how to respond to it. (Cultural chanting programming.) The commentator is actually doing this every time an Australian is on the track.

The announcer explained that the time trials have no qualifiers; instead everyone races against the clock only once. She rode earlier in the nine.--LauraHale (talk) 14:05, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply

After the medal ceremony, Paris returned to the Australian pit area in the center of the track and showed her medal to one of her teammates. She then disappeared. --LauraHale (talk)

Paris biography


PARIS Jayme Related Participant News Profile Date of Birth: 27 APR 1989 Gender: Female Place of Birth: BLACKTOWN, Australia Residence: - Sport: Cycling Road, Cycling Track Event(s):

Cycling Road - Women's Individual C 1-2-3 Road Race

Cycling Road - Women's Individual C 1-2-3 Time Trial

Cycling Track - Women's Individual C1-2-3 Pursuit Class: C1 Final Rank: 8

Cycling Track - Women's Indv. C1-2-3 500m Time Trial Class: C1 Final Rank: 3 Participant's Portrait HISTORICAL RESULTS Competition Highlights [Explanation of Competition Highlights (click to open/close)]

CYCLING ROAD Rank Event Year Location Road World Championships 1 C1 - Road Race 2011 Roskilde, DEN 1 Individual C 1 Time Trial 2011 Roskilde, DEN 1 C1 - Road Race 2010 Baie-Comeau, QC, CAN 1 Individual C 1 Time Trial 2010 Baie-Comeau, QC, CAN

CYCLING TRACK Rank Event Year Location Paralympic Games 3 LC3/LC4/CP3 - 500m Time Trial 2008 Beijing, CHN Track World Championships 1 C1 - 500m Time Trial 2012 Los Angeles, CA, USA 1 Individual C1 Pursuit 2012 Los Angeles, CA, USA 1 C1 - 500m Time Trial 2011 Montichiari, ITA 1 Individual C1 Pursuit 2011 Montichiari, ITA 2 LC3/LC4/CP3 - 500m Time Trial 2009 Manchester, GBR GENERAL INTEREST Nickname: Bub. (, 16 Aug 2012) Family: Husband Ashley Occupation: Motivational Speaker, Volunteer Club: Penrith Cycling Club, Sydney, NSW, AUS Coach: Tom Skulander (, 18 Apr 2012) International Debut: 2007 for Australia (, 10 Sep 2011)) Hobbies: Listening to music, internet, and collecting dolls. (, 18 Apr 2012) Languages: English Additional Information: Start of sporting career She began in 2004. (, 17 Jul 2012)

Reason for taking up this sport She was encouraged to take up the sport after watching Claire McLean give a post race interview during the Athens 2004 Paralympics asking for more females to take up cycling. (, 17 Jul 2012)

Ambitions To win four medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. (, 14 Aug 2012)

Training She trains 12 hours a week. (, 16 Aug 2012)

Most memorable sporting achievement Winning a bronze medal in the 500m time trial at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics. (, 10 Sep 2011)

Hero Layne Beachley [ex-surfing world champ], Kurt Fearnley [Australian wheelchair racer]. (, 10 Sep 2011)

Superstitions / Rituals She eats strong cheese and mousse on the morning of competition. (, 10 Sep 2011)

Sporting philosophy / motto "There is no such thing as can't." (, 01 Aug 2012)

General DISABILITY INFO She was born with cerebellar ataxia due to complications during her birth, which affects her balance and eye movement. (, 01 Aug 2012,, 10 Sep 2011)

AMBASSADOR ROLES She is an ambassador for several organisations in Australia: APC Paralympic Education; Premiers Sporting Challenge; New South Wales Womens Sport & Recreation; and Womensports. (, 16 Aug 2012,, 17 Jul 2012)

CURRENT RECORDS Records Icon Record Type Event Record Date Location World Record Women's Individual C1 Pursuit 4:40.123 30 AUG 2012 London(GBR)

Women's Individual C1 500m Time Trial 45.449 01 SEP 2012 London(GBR) Medals at London 2012 Medals Icon x1 Women's Indv. C1-2-3 500m Time Trial SCHEDULE AND RESULTS AT LONDON 2012 Date Time Sport Event Location Result Start List Results Reports THU 30 09:30 CT Women's Indv C1-2-3 Pursuit Qual. Velodrome 8 Start List Results Reports SAT 01 14:00 CT Women's Indv C1-2-3 500m Time Trial Velodrome 3 Start List Results Reports

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