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journalist notes[edit]

Emailed to scoop. --LauraHale (talk) 07:31, 10 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • Ryley Batt puts his wheelchair onto one wheel and wheelies across the court before the game.
  • He can also do bunny hops
  • Commentator calls him "Houdini". Ryley is FAST. British commentators are amazed. He seems to pass through gaps that no one else can see. Can move faster than anyone else on either team. Likes to share the ball with low point players.
  • For the Australian team objectives, see the interview with Michael
  • Scott and H pin Hickling in a corner. He cnnot escape. Gets really aggro. Rest of team has no hope against Batt and Bond, who are running riot.
  • Crowd boos when Ryley Batt knocked down from behind.
  • Announcer announced Australian medal count, and said that Australia was fifth.
  • The presenters was notified at the last minute. Uploaded sheet. Not sure who was the late change, Edward Windsor or Stephen Fry.
  • Stephen Fry gets more appalause than HRH. Waves to crod in acknowledgemnt.
  • Saw Jason, Michael and Kate at the game. Photogrphed them too but unable to upload. Will try later.
  • Strange but true: nobody is as overjoyed at winning a gold medal as Greg Smith, although he already has three. Knows all the drill. He bites the medal and raised his hands in the air.
  • Crowd getting e,motional during national anthem due to end of games. Still mumble rather than sing it.

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