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October 2006[edit]

This from General D is in sharp contrast to PM's position _

PM's foreign policy speech - third in a series of three

26 May 2006 "In Iraq, of course, people want to gain full control of their own destiny. The MNF should leave as soon as the Government wishes us. As the Prime Minister said we need an objective timetable. By that he means one that is conditions-based ie as Iraqi capability is built up. But don't be in any doubt. No-one, but no-one I spoke to, from whatever quarter, wanted us to leave precipitately. An arbitrary timetable ie without conditions being right, would be seen for what it would be: weakness."

I have no time at the moment to find a more recent statement from Blair on Iraq - its vanished frorm the No 10 web site - but the significance of General D's remarks cannot be judged fairly without a clear response from Downing Street. Portillo remarked in "This Week" this evening that if this had happened when he was Defence Minister, he would have asked the General to consider his position.

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