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  • Dam open day is 23 June
  • Firies conducting burn near Stromlo. Holding up traffic.
  • Carnival atmosphere. Sausage sizzle and coffee. Two clowns on stilts dressed as Bob the builder.
  • Huge crowd - tickets from blue tent
  • Buses leave every 15 minutes from 8:30 until 16:00. Earliest ticket for 3:25pm. Hope not raining then. Sky currently very clear. Drove back to Tuggeranong.
  • Calculation: 16:00 - 8:30 = 7:30 = 7 x 4 + 2 = 30 buses x 60 = 1,800
  • Cyclist hit in road accident. Saw ambulance on its way. Hope he is okay, but doesn't look it.
Dam walk
  • Signage: The river s named in honour of Garrett Cotter, an Irish-born convict born in 1802 who was transported to Australia. Brought cattle to the Cotter during the 1820s drought. After a dispute with his employer Cotter was banished to the western side of the Murrumbidgee River in 1832. He built a house there. Lived in Michelago where he died in 1886. Descendants still live there.
  • Signage: Canberra owes its location to the Cotter Rover, which supplied ample fresh drinking water until the city grew too big and new dams were built at Corrin and Googong
  • Platypus and Murray cray live in the waters. Did not see any. Were some fishermen.
  • Signage: Original dam built in 1911. Hard feeling among dam engineers, particularly Percy Owen, over who deserved what credit for the dam.
  • Signage: Gravity dam chosen due to uncertainty over stability of bedrock.
  • Signage: Cotter Pub was built in 1971. Burned down in fires of 2003
Bus trip - guide with microphone.
  • Bus filled with 3:25 people. One seat given to a 3:40 person. Crowd without tickets may be out of luck.
  • Gravity dam. Holds back waters with sheer mass.
  • Made from roller-compacted concrete (RCC)
  • Conventional concrete used over for final touches
  • Doing these now. About two weeks work to go.
  • Concrete made on site
  • Two saddle dams to stop flood waters flowing out through depressions.
  • Dam builders have made quite a mess of the place.
  • Native seeds were collected to replant
  • Main task now to rehabilitate the area and the river
  • Guide points out submerged old dam, now heritage listed. Opened the valves (?) and salvaged some parts. Some bits on display at the Dam walk.
  • Guides says four previous open days over the years. This one is by far the biggest.
  • Site posters say: Work Safe - Dam Safe

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