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Basic question "when"[edit]

  • The lede doesn't answer this question.
  • It seems the answer is probably Thursday, though I'd need to get more deeply into it to be sure.
  • I've no insight atm into whether or not the problem with the lede can be repaired by a reviewer during review; perhaps it can.
  • If it was Thursday, this is probably fresh atm. The more recent source is dated Sunday, although that's an update with the article first posted on Thursday (further reinforcing Thursday as a likely candidate for when). There is information in the Wikinews article that only occurs in that source. I see no way of knowing whether that information was in the earlier version of the source or in its update, but unless some (probably indirect) evidence emerges suggesting it was in the earlier version, I'm inclined atm to figure it's newly come to light on Sunday.
  • It seems unlikely I can do another review tonight, hence this note, fwiw to any reviewer tackling this (including perhaps to myself).

--Pi zero (talk) 01:26, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

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