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Journalist notes[edit]

As detailed as possible: I arrived at the Plaza Francia by coincidence at around 15:00 local time and discovered the event. Interested, took some pictures (those uploaded to Commons) and looked for the organizer of the event to gather enoguh information for a Wikinews article. Some minutes later, I managed to establish contact with Carlos García, a mid-aged man who kindly accepted to answer a couple of questions.

After he accepted, I got my phone and started writing key information about our conversation. Apart from the information shown in the article, Mr. Gacría revealed to me the locations of the previous events (all in Caracas), the dates when they were held, and some attendance numbers. We sit along the festival (close to their main stand, which is shown on this picture) and talked for some twenty minutes (or until 15:58 LT, according to my phone):

Me: Who organizes the event?
Garcia: The Expo Gastronomía organization.
Me: When the first edition was held?
García: The first edition was held on April 2011 and we had 8 exhibitors representing 8 countries. Then, we had an attendance at around 3,000 people.
Me: Whis are your estimated attendance for the fifth edition?
García: Well, back then when we did the event at the [prior venue I can't remember], we had a more effective control of the attendance, given that the place was a bit smaller, and we had all access areas under control. Notwithstanding, we expect an attendance of around 10,000 to 13,000 people, measuring our event against prior ones by other organizations, such as the book festival held some months ago.
Me: How many countries are covered this time?
García: Eight. We have nine exhibitors though, but two of them are dedicated to Italy: One of them for pizza.
Me: I have seen that some of the stands don't dedicate to food. Did you develop a wider scope this time? How are the stands organized?
García: Well, this year, we have four categories: Typical foods, which are covered at the eight stands of the specific countries. They showcase and sell food typical from those countries. Then we have the handicraft stands. The third group are gastronomy stands; they have coocking books and recipes, as well as kitchen products and metalwork. Finally, we have a new category, that is hotel businesses and tourism; on this one, we have only three exhibitors this time.
Me: Who are the sponsors of the event?
García: Well, we have Coca-Cola, La Granja, Oroweat, G200 Eventos, Gygm Group, and the Office of Chacao's Mayor.
Me: Any big or recognized company that registered as exhibitor?
García: Well, we have Cosecha San José as one of the exhibitors, though they are betting to be sponsors on the sixth edition.
Me: This is the fifth edition, held in 2013. The first was on April 2011, which means that you have more than one event pear year, right?
García: Indeed. We usually have two per year.
Me: When the next event will be held?
García: We are planning to have the eixth edition on November 2013, maybe December.
Me: So it's definitely coming this year
García: Yes, definitely.
Me: Which are the key people behind this event, apart from you?
García: Well, there's me, and my partner, Yolanda Martins.
Me: Thanks for your time, Carlos. It was a pleasure.
García: The pleasure was mine. Thanks for coming.

Mostly everything I asked is on the report. I did precise questions that derived on precise answers. I avoided making more substantial questions due to the nature of mr. García's limited time to me, even when he showed willingness to provide information. Additionally, García offered me the Expo's twitter account, @expogastronomia, to let him know when I posted the news (so that he could retweet, which he did). — ΛΧΣ21 02:01, 12 May 2013 (UTC)

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