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Original reporting notes[edit]

Emails, Phone call transcripts, other written evidence[edit]

  • 1A: 8-21-2011/11:58am interview with Tammy, resident of Henderson county
  • 2A: 8-21-2011/12:06pm interview with David, resident of Henderson county
  • 3A: 8-21-2011/2:17pm interview with Chris Ransom, resident or Houston, Texas

Interview details[edit]

  • 1A: Q: Do you live near Lake Palestine?

A: "Yeah, I live very close to it. I also work here [at a convenience store located near the lake]. I've lived around here for almost 2 years.

Q: What are people saying about the lake A: "That's it's the lowest it's been since the [19]80's. The fishing is can't even put your boat in the water."

Q: What have you seen around your house? A: "The snakes are bad...they come into your yard."

  • 2A: Q: Can you tell me about your home and yard, how has the drop in water levels effected your yard?

A:"I've killed 5 snakes this week!" Q: Do you fish? A: "Oh yeah, and you can fish a little right now...some people are catching crappie."

  • 3A: Q: Can you tell me about the lakes in and around Houston?

A: "Sheldon Reservoir is all dried up now and Lake Houston has dropped quite a bit. I like to fish, but haven't done much lately — it's too hot."

On-the-spot notes[edit]

Details from broadcast report[edit]

Information shared privately for off-wiki confirmation[edit]

Confirmation of email receipt by accredited reporter[edit]

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Problem with AP source[edit]

The AP source URL is giving me a blank page.

Much older by same author:

For perspective, I've got no grid power (Irene), and we'll probably only run our backup generator for an hour or so maybe twice a day, to ration fuel in case the outage goes on for many days. Review is rather difficult under these conditions. --Pi zero (talk) 15:04, 28 August 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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