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OR Note[edit]


I will be watching both --RockerballAustralia (talk) 00:41, 24 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]

DizzyStar will be watching the telecast on Channel 10. -- DizzyStar (talk) 10:11, 25 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Pre Event[edit]

  • Gary Ablett Jr. won Brownlow
  • Teams name teams Thursday


  • St Kilda
    • QT 3-2 20
    • HT 7-7 49
    • 3qt 9-11 (65)
    • FT 0-0 00
    • First Goal - Goddard 8:30
  • Geelong
    • QT 3-0 18
    • HT 7-1 43
    • 3qt 9-4 (58)
    • FT 0-0 00
    • First Goal - Rooke 1:20
  • Coin toss - Geelong, kicked to City end
  • Max Rooke - Gee - 100 seconds
  • Gee early press StK reply no score
  • Gee second goal 5 min StK reply behind
  • StK press Brendan Goddard Goal 8 1/2 goal
  • Back and forth
  • Weather fine at start
  • 1 min left Stk Schneider goal Stk lead first time

IRC collaboration[edit]

*<DizzyStar> I'm here.

*<Rockerball> high

*<Rockerball> you doing second half?

*[INFO] You are no longer marked as away.

*<DizzyStar> Yep.

*<Rockerball> :)

*<DizzyStar> I kinda rushed when I got home...

*<Rockerball> I',m just doing my notes

*<DizzyStar> I assume we just write the goals?

*<Rockerball> yeah

*<DizzyStar> We are allowed to publish breaking news without a review?

*<DizzyStar> I think we did last year?

*<DizzyStar> Who was that with the blood rule?

*<Rockerball> not sure who the blood rule was

*<Rockerball> i think we published after review at the end of the game last year

*<DizzyStar> Mooney Goal

*<Rockerball> cats by 1

*<Rockerball> I'm adding schneiders goal from the first quarter

*<DizzyStar> I think Riwoult is about to get one

*<DizzyStar> I'll leave you so i dont get a confict

*<DizzyStar> are you adding that goal?

*<Rockerball> no

*<Rockerball> just fixing my earlier mistake

*<Rockerball> fix done

*<Rockerball> i'm getting stats through

*[INFO] You are now marked as away (I'm not here right now.). Click the nickname button or use the |/back| command to return from being away.

*<DizzyStar> I should be smarter

*<DizzyStar> I wouldn't be surprised if we do this next week (draw)

*<Rockerball> meh

*<Rockerball> we'll see

*<DizzyStar> Chapmans got 2 now hasn't he?

*<DizzyStar> Draw's looking very good...

*<Rockerball> chapman 2 goals

*<Rockerball> yeah

*<Rockerball> are you updating 3qt score

*<Rockerball> ?

*<DizzyStar> brb - 3qt

*<DizzyStar> done

*<Rockerball> :)

*<Rockerball> I'll add all goal scorers to the score box on the right

*<DizzyStar> thx

*<Rockerball> done

*<Rockerball> hawkins 2 goals

*<DizzyStar> fixed

*<Rockerball> :)

*<DizzyStar> this WILL be close

*<Rockerball> hell yeah

*<DizzyStar> maybe there might not be a boxing day test this year

*<DizzyStar> due to the 30th replay of the afl grand final

*<Rockerball> hahahahaha

|<-- DizzyStar has left (Client closed connection)

-->| DizzyStar has joined #wikinews-aflgf

*<Rockerball> :)

*<Rockerball> I'll copy this discussion to the chat page of the article at the end of the game

*<Rockerball> if that's good by u

*<DizzyStar> yeah.

*<DizzyStar> that way i dont have to write notes

*<Rockerball> :)

*<DizzyStar> cats point

*<DizzyStar> Ablett = Norm Smith?

*<Rockerball> i think so

*<DizzyStar> cats point

*<DizzyStar> point = next saturday

*<Rockerball> speccy save

*<DizzyStar> goal = cats = premiers 2009

*<DizzyStar> next week

*<Rockerball> point

*<DizzyStar> Next week I'll do 1 and 2?

*<Rockerball> i agree

*<Rockerball> assuming that's tha case

*<DizzyStar> unless i have to get ready for this party...

*<DizzyStar> cats goal

*<DizzyStar> cats point

*<DizzyStar> you do Norm Smith and publish?

*<DizzyStar> saints point

*<DizzyStar> CATS 2009

*<Rockerball> yep

*<DizzyStar> i'll leave it to you?

*<Rockerball> ok

*<DizzyStar> I'll be back later |<-- DizzyStar has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)


Substitute PR on behalf of brianmc[edit]

As there appeared to have been a problem with brianmc's peer review, I will be submitted this one in lieu of one by brianmc. —Calebrw (talk) 05:24, 27 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks, I used the review gadget but think I got some error. --Brian McNeil / talk 08:37, 27 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]
One key point I had used in the lost comment section of my review was questioning describing as p2p. Streaming is not the same as peer to peer, there are major differences between the two technologies. --Brian McNeil / talk 08:46, 27 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]
Point taken. But I'll make the point that they are over lapping technologies (see Peercasting)--RockerballAustralia (talk) 09:38, 27 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]